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Logical and intelligent. Very interested in spirituality and the occult. Unemotional and stoic. Has a cold exterior but his actions come from a place of compassion.


A sweet naive girl who tries to see the best in everything. She is clever and good at reading people. She is very nice and easy to get along with. She is diplomatic.


A cynical young man always quick to complain or make a sarcastic quip. Easily angered and irrational. Not very intelligent, though he prides himself on being social and likeable, using his humor to cope.


A man who has made many mistakes and many failed attempts to make amends for said mistakes. Brad is running from himself, desperate to forget his past and become someone new.


An old man who has spent his life studying Kagami magic and Alchemy trying to make a profit. But now it seems his powers have plateaued as he enters the final stage of life. Tempest is not ready to die and still seeks a way to continue expanding his potential.


Not much is known about the mysterious hero who vanished after saving the world. One hundred years have passed, but some suggest rumors that he may still be alive.