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Location: Alkaline Forest (East Almoriah)
Theme: The area is very susceptible to coastal winds which stir eye irritating plant spores. If you hear the wind blowing, better look the other way.
Background: Generations of Barium deposits in the waters have affected the Potassium rich plants in the area. Winds agitate Barium dust particles which makes the area dangerous for unprotected eyes and lungs. The animals here often carry a subtle electric charge and amplify weather magic.

Location: Cave of Asura (Central Almoriah)
Theme: Legends say that the caves lead all the way down into Hell. It's too dark to tell, but doesn't it feel uncharacteristically warm in here?
Background: Being so close to the major city Sabbath, rumors of the caves connection to the Infernal Realm eventually turned this area into a tourist trap. Though no path to Hell was ever found, the caves were sealed off from the public after an event one hundred years ago.

Location: Bakar Desert (North East Almoriah)
Theme: The monsters here aren't hostile, but you'd better be careful that they aren't threatened by you. If you accidentally step on one of the desert scorpions, you've got a major problem.
Background: Almost completely surrounded by mountains, the Desert is hard to navigate. There is only one channel in and some never wind the way back out. The Desert is home to many ruffians and the Tomb of an old treasure hunter.

Location: Valvalia's Tomb (North East Almoriah)
Theme: What do you mean "there's no treasure"!? What a gyp! This Tomb has been excavated scavenged so much that there is nothing left of value. Everything has been stripped from this Tomb with the exception of the still completely functional traps.
Background: Valvalia was a great pirate and treasure who lived hundreds of years ago. Her tragic death was brought about by her own vices, when she hastily mishandled a cursed piece of treasure. She was cunning, however, and rumors say there might still be something in that Tomb somewhere...

Location: Calvin Mountain Pass (West Almoriah)
Theme: A common trade route between Sabbath and the western side of the continent. It's relatively safe with the exception of the occasional bandit group praying on travelers.
Background: Heavy rainfall traps a lot of moisture in the mountain pass. It is susceptible to flooding and is home to large varieties of mushrooms.

Location: The Sewers of Grey Wolf (South Almoriah)
Theme: I wish we had a map. Was it this branch or that one? Did we open that gate yet? Oh no! He's right behind us! Run!
Background: The sewers below the university were closed after a hazing ritual went wrong, but some hobos have found their way in and set up a tent city. Some of the monsters are poisonous, but they say the alligators are tasty...

Location: Hobbes Jungle (North West Almoriah)
Theme: I don't know which is more obnoxious the fog, the bugs or the pixies. The Elves must really want us to stay out. Hey, did that tree just move?
Background: The Elves carry quite the grudge against Humans ever sense their civil war over two hundred years ago. The mountains surrounding their camp has been enchanted and protected by many power Elven spells to ward off humans.

Location: Forest of Annoyances (North West Almoriah)
Theme: I wonder where this Forest gets its name... Hey, didn't we pass that bush already?
Background: Unknown.

Location: Temple of the Ancients (North Almoriah)
Theme: Doors can only be opened by using special crystals containing the life force of Elves passed. Crystals must be managed between several generators linked to networks of doors.
Background: The history of the Temples origins is well guarded from humans. The Temple is closely tied to the religious beliefs of the Elves and only the highest respected elders are allowed to enter.

Location: Sunken Medical Ship (South Almoriah)
Theme: The medical vessel sunk relatively close to shore. In order to excavate it, we will need to block off areas exposed to open ocean and drain the water from the sealed rooms.
Background: Classified.

Location: Destifonte Mansion (Central Almoriah)
Theme: The evil energy is so think and heavy in the air that it is almost as if the gravity were higher. These ghosts aren't reacting to your weapons or magic. There has to be something else here...
Background: The mansion has been foreclosed for many years after Professor Asou, a ghost expert, failed to remove the spirits that were allegedly haunting the property. The city children each have their own story of someone who may or may not have witnessed something spooky with playing near the house.

Location: En Caverns (North Almoriah)
Theme: These caves are huge and have many branching paths. Do you think we could navigate them better if we got that mine cart working?
Background: The caverns don't see many travelers. With the great magic city of Four Sage on one end and the poor fishing village of En on the other, each side keeps to themselves. Many people adamantly believe there is a wish granting cult that lives in the mountains, but their price may be too steep for most customers to pay.

Location: Chapel of Abbadon (North Almoriah)
Theme: Nothing is at it seems. Patience and unorthodox thinking is required to outsmart the chapel priests.
Background: The magic city of Four Sage is abuzz with stories of the alleged healing powers of the cult of pain.

Location: Phillion's Reliquary (West Almoriah)
Theme: None of this makes sense. Why are all these things here? Do you think that they knew we were coming?
Background: While technically on Human land, this Elven shrine has been sealed since before Human history has been recorded. No one knows what it is for or what is inside.

Location: Endarian Hospital (North Almoriah)
Theme: No time to talk, we've got to move!
Background: Only a handful of people know about the existence of the remains of an ancient Endarian civilization. The city ruins lie deep below the ocean, but there may be a way to make it surface.

Location: Sabbath Castle (Central Almoriah)
Theme: Be quiet! Do you want them to hear you?
Background: The Artimus family has ruled Almoriah for around three hundred years. The people have mixed feelings about the royal family and their apparent lack of compassion. Almoriah is well protected and prides itself on its military.

Location: Quintessence HQ (Central Almoriah)
Theme: There are motion sensors everywhere. Be careful when you move. Those three administrator's keys have got to be on one of these six floors...
Background: Classified.

Location: Cliffs of 99 Shepherds (West Midyan)
Theme: Tough fire creatures and swarms of bugs call these mountains home. Many unique plants grow here and is a hotspot for scientists and alchemists who want to study their unique properties.
Background: Until the 1600's, The Midyan Vale was a communist nation. Poor work and living conditions culminated when a shepherd was publicly executed here for spreading anti-government slander. The Poet's War broke out as other farmers and villagers showed up at the site and rose against the government.

Location: Skid Row (Central Midyan)
Theme: With gangs, collapsing buildings and malfunctioning machines it's hard to say what the biggest danger is. Better not look anyone in the eye and be careful what colors you wear.
Background: As Varuna experienced it's industrial revolution, this part of the city was quickly abandoned as new parts of the city began to spread and flourish. After a malfunction at the power plant the city officially deeming it unsafe for occupancy. But that didn't stop the ruffians.

Location: Forbidden Library (Unknown)
Theme: Unknown.
Background: Unknown.

Location: Psychic Prison (Unknown)
Theme: We will have to work as a team to get out of here. If you hold that switch, I can cross that bridge and then open the gate for you. But how will we get them through?
Background: A prison of the mind, built just for you! Can you survive the demons of your own creation?

Location: Othniel's Spire (Unknown)
Theme: Classified.
Background: For one hundred years, Othniel has been taking prisoners back to his Spire to torture them and feed on their pain. Recently, he has begun using his slaves to build a mysterious apparatus that uses the entire Spire for power. But what does it do and how is it used?

Location: Infernal Realm (Below Gaia)
Theme: Unknown.
Background: The demons of the ages all end up here when they are killed. Humans can enter and leave as they wish, but demons are doomed to be trapped here forever. Humans don't often venture into the home of angry demons and the ones that do never make it very far...

Location: Tower of Yggdraseph (South West Mjorna)
Theme: Unknown.
Background: Unknown.