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Beyond Eden features a Job selection system (called spheres) to determine how characters learn and use spells. Each class has primary and secondary skills as well as unique ways to learn the spells and unique spell types.

1. Sorcerer
Typical black mage. Conjures the elements of fire and water.
Secondary skill - Multicast: Allows the caster to charge up and cast a spell several times at a high GP cost.
Learn skills by: Buying skills with AP earned from battles

2. Cleric
White mage or priest. Heals, the only class capable of resurrection.
Secondary skill - Bless: Small healing to entire party. I like to call this "desperate heal" because it is free but very weak.
Learn skills by: Buying skills with AP earned from battles

3. Kagami
Blue mage or enemy skill user. Kagami mages have large variety in the abilities they can find. Skills are moderately cost but often weak.
Learn skills by: Finding specific monsters and having them use certain skills near you

4. Gambler (Hidden)
Luck. Anything goes with this class and it's completely out of your control. Whether it's random status effects to party or monster or healing, you never know what is gonna happen or when. Attacks are done by throwing two or three dice to determine damage and then multiplied based on luck.
Secondary skill - Transfer: Give all that GP you aren't using to a friendly mage!
No skills are learned.

5. Necromancer
Dark magic. Death spells and spells of the dark arts. Spells are powerful but have a very high GP cost.
Secondary skill - Summon: Necromancers can raise skeletons to fight with the party at the cost of their own HP.
Learn skills by: Skill sets acquired by finding tomes in ancient tombs.

6. Thief (Hidden)
Sneaky rouges! Selfish cheap skills, many stat or status effect based abilities. Some earth based magic.
Secondary skill - Accounting! (No, it's actually Steal) Takes an item from the enemy. You can steal three times from a combat. Sometimes you will get ingredients for alchemy or a nice piece of equipment.
All skills are learned the moment you uncover this hidden job.

7. Warrior
Tough guys. High level warriors are more likely to earn pre-emphative strikes for their party.
Secondary skill - Pummel: Attack the enemy three times at the cost of 5% of max hp.
Learn skills by: Beating suckers up at the Colosseum

8. Bard (Hidden)
Artsy performers. Very cheap spells. Master of party buffs and enemy debuffs.
Secondary skill - Perform: Bards can perform songs for enemies and sometimes (if they are pleased) they will give you money for no reason! This is a hidden job.
Learn skills by: There are many people, place and events scattered around that bards can be inspired by. Songs are learned when the bard experiences a unique source of inspiration

9. Mystic (Hidden)
Secretive and tricky gypsys. Not much is known about this hidden job. Spells are percent based. This is the only job capable of restoring it's own GP.
Secondary Skill - Illusion: Who knows what is going to happen when you spin the Wheel of Fortune?
Learn skills by: The future is in the cards...