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Things are progressing, though slow. I have a toddler and my wife and I both work full time and alternate childcare. I do have the goal of finishing by mid-august, not including additional testing time.

Graphics are almost all converted. Finding new sprites for all the monsters proved to be the most tricky. Currently working on converting and making new animations. I hired an artist to do all the character portraits that are used in the menus, who is still working on them, but has a few done and I am pleased with the direction.

A few new scenes were written, and a few rewritten, two new towns to explore and a new gorge dungeon have been added. Still need to work on the ending and then my primary concern is balancing- Particularly among the 9 different job classes and their varying availability throughout the adventure.

I redid the world map entirely and implemented a mini-map for it. I am also overhauling how the player interacts with places on the world map.