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RPGs make up a medium of storytelling praised and enjoyed by millions, if not billions, worldwide. There’s something about controlling a character, discovering its environment and finding out what makes his or her world tick in its unique way that draws us in. Epic sagas have been carefully and meticulously crafted to deliver an ultimate fantasy-driven gaming experience. For many of us gamers, it are franchises like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Diablo and pokémon that have in more than one way shaped our childhoods. Subsequently we’ve carried these in our hearts, and they still feed the fat little children we keep inside. As such, they and their influences are still with us today.

So what would happen when you take a group of people who’ve been played as much by RPGs as they’ve played them themselves and allow them to reverse, for once, the flow of influence? Find out in HomeSick; a ‘Community-Driven Role Playing Game’.

This project from Crying Man Studios (CMS), goes on a quest of it’s own. It finds out what happens when you allow the gamers not to arrive in a set world, but to create one of their own. Rather than watching the story and your character’s fate unfold, you can create his destiny. As CMS builds the game, they ask their viewers what to add and what not to add. For once, not the developers, but the players choose the background, mechanics, persona, tone and storylines.

Join the vast body of ideas and inspiration. Follow Heinrich “The Salamander” Salvador, a thief of some renown, in his quest to find his trading father and sister. Decide who else joins him, besides the Elvish Beast Master Annabeth, and what happens to them along the way. Think of power-ups, foes, weapons and locations. Imagine what you would want to play. And then, play what you imagined.
Enjoy our pre-demo, drawn from the minds and suggestions of our terrific audience, after five short episodes.

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Episode 5

Episode 5 of our game's series is out now!
This will be (one of the) last episode(s) before our playable demo release of chapter one.
So it's probably your last chance at being immortalized in the game^^
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  • 11/28/2014 12:00 AM
  • 03/31/2019 06:32 PM
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Didnt get far. Menu was disabled so i couldnt save at all. The first encounter in the mausoleum was this bandit that attacked me again immediately after being defeated. My character is not strong enough to withstand 2 battles with the bandit.
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