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Download the free Alpha here!


Hartacon Tactics is an online RPG game developed with XNA that allows players to challenge each other in online battles, with the possibility to team up in alliances. Battles take place in 2D isometric maps with 4-angles view and zoom. A player can create one or more parties of characters of different classes, each with peculiar stats, skills and weapons. By winning battles, parties gain Upgrade Points (UPs), used to recruit new characters and buy equipments, while individual characters gain Growth Points (GPs), used to learn new skills and increase stats. The battle system is tactical, turn-based, and features traditional RPG elements such as elements and altered states.

website: http://www.hartacon-tactics.eu
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HartaconTactics
twitter: http://twitter.com/HartaconTactics



Hartacon Tactics - In-game Isometric Map Editor - Desert Set

Hartacon Tactics - Summer 2014 Trailer

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This looks fantastic. 0_o Insta-subbed.
This looks fantastic. 0_o Insta-subbed.

Thanks! You can insta-play it too! XD
Commercial? Phooey :(

It will be. The alpha is free to play.
It looks very professional. I really like the design of it so far.
Turn-based strategy RPG? Looks great? Has what looks to be a solid amount of character customization? I want this.

I'm downloading it now. Here's hoping it plays as well as it looks, because it looks really promising.
Okay, you may want to take a look at your code and figure out why both Chrome and Windows 8.1 tried to prevent me from opening and playing this game, right out of the gate.

I'm playing with a mouse and keyboard and all the instructions assume an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller with no available option to switch. Yes, I'm aware it's alpha, but this might be something you want to consider being a bit more clear about one way or the other.

The gameplay itself is solid so far, but you may also want to consider putting in either a sound effect or an animation (or both) when you use the map rotation feature, because it is a bit jarring to press a button and suddenly your view has rotated 90 degrees. (In fact it took me a few times to realize that I wasn't actually teleporting the active character across the map when I pressed Rotate.)

Otherwise the graphics are pretty good and the music is decent. I'll keep an eye on this one too.
Woah I haven't seen you for a while :D
Hi guys/gurls and thanks for your feedback.

You see, it's supposed to go both on xbox live indie games and PC, that is why it's designed to be played with an xbox controller. I think I could add a splash screen that clarifies this.

Being a 2D game, rotation cannot be animated. What I could do, is adding a compass that indicated the orientation of the map.

Honestly, Windows 8.1 and Chrome should have a look at their code and nazi security policies... XD
Just an FYI - you can add a link as a download. It'll add a button to the top of the page but still download from your host (or you could host it on RMN). Anyway, it'd make it easier for people to see that there is a download currently available (if they're anything like me, they've been taught to see the button and click it, not read the actual description looking for a download). XD
so...commercial and online...is there going to be premium content on top of the purchase price (ala most freemium games) i hope not
No, the plan is to have just the game's one-time purchase.
I had a lot of fun playing the demo. I found one bug though. In party management, if you try going to the store section before recruiting any characters the program will crash...
I had a lot of fun playing the demo. I found one bug though. In party management, if you try going to the store section before recruiting any characters the program will crash...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the bug report!
I found it irritating that unit placement is apparently entirely random. It's a special kind of frustration when my knight is dead before his second turn because he had the misfortune of starting on the far side of the map from the rest of my units, and with two enemies close to him.

The healer starting without a staff was also annoying, but that's really more my fault for not checking her equipment screen before buying gear.

Likewise, the martial artist starting with an axe, but with fist-based skills learned.

The game looks great. The maps are colorful and interesting, but not overloaded with distracting details. The sprites look great and the animations seem pretty smooth. The menus are functional and the skins are nice.

I really wish there was a way to change the keyboard controls, or at least a help screen that lists which key corresponds to what controller button. I still haven't found which keys match the shoulder buttons.
Downloaded it now, expect a potential bug report and other suggestions in the aftermath ;)

You make me glad that I always use an X-Box 360 controller ^.^

Edit: Aftermath

The cleric strategy works btw. Almost Gamebreakingly so





You have a beautifully made system here. I don't know what your intentions for your final product are but as long as you carefully adjust the skill-prices, rewards and so on I'm sure It'll be a hit :)
I also hope that the maps will get a little bigger (with movement ranges also becoming farther).

Either way, no bugs found and judging from the amount of different skills and Items there is alot of strategy to be had.

In the end, a question:

How exactly do status efects work? Why are there 5 bars, what is a red bar, what is a white bar? Just curious but if you could answer I'd be grateful :)
@Kiana: you can find this picture in the help.

Placement is an option, random is just the default choice, the other choice is to have team mates close to each other, although not all maps support it yet.

@Krolan: the healer is overpowered but only for showing some game mechanics stuff while there is still no witch/sorcerer class available. When both will be available the former will be specialized in healing skills.

Altered states work in a deterministic way, you have four (not five) bars. Skills fill them with red. When you have all four red, then you are affected by that state for four (character) turns.
Huh, wonder how I missed that...

Also noticed something odd: Occasionally, the screen/window seems to shake. This mostly happens in the skill and equip menus. Everything just seems to jump a quarter inch to the bottom left, then back, a couple of times. Then it's back to normal.
I'm not staff anymore, so please don't ask me about that,especially game engine related stuff.
I am curious, and thus subbed.
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