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Updated demo and Kickstarter

Finally, the updated demo for Mindless Box is added!

I worked very hard taking into account feedback from past reviews, comments and playthroughs. I changed the characters to feel more human, they also have things outside of the main plot going on. I hope to do a lot more with them in the main game and give each combination and group certain interactions to explore.

I have no words to really say except I hope everyone enjoys it!

As you know, I am running a kickstarter for Mindless Box. There are only two weeks left and it’s not looking so good. I’d really appreciate if you would take a look, share or even back. Thank you so much!

Kickstarter Link


Demo notes

Thanks again guys for 100+ downloads. I've received some great criticism both here and on other platforms. It really means a lot since I'm striving hard to make this game not terrible pfft

I was a bit thrown off when people sent me messages on tumblr and skype saying how they disliked certain characters. But then I realized that that is what I wanted. [as you can read here and here] The hard part now is trying to change opinions of them. It's easy to make an unlikable love interest. It's 10x harder to show through their words and actions that they can be redeemed. I'm trying my hardest to step away from black and white, inherently good and bad characters.

Somethings I know for sure I'm going to change is;
- Save GUI needs better buttons. Will possibly change it to screenshots.
- Preference GUI is hard to follow, will try to change as much as possible without loosing the aesthetic I was striving for.
- Needs proofreaders
- Reign in a few lines of dialogue for everyone.
- Will add more faces for both the boys and the teachers.

If anyone has anything else they think needs improvement, I'd love to hear it! Attacking the visual novel genre is a whole different world from my previous games, so I'd really love to hear feedback.

If possible, I'd love if you could take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire!

1. What connotes romance games to you? Is it struggle leading to a happy end, or sweet fluff cg events?
2. Is Emily too forced to the point that you can't relate to her?
3. Are any of the boys too over the top that you can't find them realistic?
4. How do you feel about visual novels that include things like item fetching?
5. Do short dating sims ending in romance bother you in the sense that it doesn't seem plausible for two people to fall in love in that time?

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