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Updated demo and Kickstarter

  • gabicho
  • 10/16/2016 10:19 PM
Finally, the updated demo for Mindless Box is added!

I worked very hard taking into account feedback from past reviews, comments and playthroughs. I changed the characters to feel more human, they also have things outside of the main plot going on. I hope to do a lot more with them in the main game and give each combination and group certain interactions to explore.

I have no words to really say except I hope everyone enjoys it!

As you know, I am running a kickstarter for Mindless Box. There are only two weeks left and it’s not looking so good. I’d really appreciate if you would take a look, share or even back. Thank you so much!

Kickstarter Link


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The most beautiful user on RMN!

It was a while since I played this game. I have been playing some VN on Steam recently and this looks like it can stack up against them. Your kickstarter goal is quite high though. Perhaps reaching too high and wanting to make your VN too long or epic. If you can't reach your goal I hope you can still make a short VN with this content. It's pretty hard to have a kickstarter for a VN unless you are well know or your novel is going to include certain kinds of content.
^ I can't say I agree on the goal being too high, since I'm mostly using the base goal for music and backer fulfillment/taxes. You can't really skimp on either of those. And the "whatever is left over" fund is most likely not going towards me but towards either a background artist to help or a translation. I know it's tough to get funded as I'm unknown, but I'd rather be honest and pay appropriate commission prices as musicians and artists deserve it. I'd also like for backers to be assured that their physical goods will actually be made.
Even if it isn't funded, I'll be able to make the game in its complete form as I'm a one man team that isn't taking a paycheck. It'll just take longer and will be severely lacking in the music department. :(

Thank you though! And if you ever get a chance, I'd love if you tried out the new demo. It's changed vastly from what it was before and I worked really hard to make the characters more human.
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