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It's good to leave some of the story for the player to figure out, but...

  • Frogge
  • 05/29/2017 06:54 PM

The Fallen Rise by MadKingTV
Length: ~10 minutes

Oh my god, what is that thing? Kill it, kill it with fire!

The Fallen Rise is a short game where you play as a lawyer, whose wife was seemingly killed. You explore, uhhh, a house of sorts and talk to a hideous blond, the cute black kid, Matt Mitcham from Top of the Lake, Misao and a girl who looks like she just sneezed 20 times in a row. They each have a story to tell you, and they reveal the details of how the murder took place. Though, you can choose not to listen to them. This is an interesting mechanic, but the fact that it does not affect anything is a bit strange. I'd have expected your decisions to lead to multiple endings, but seemingly there are only two endings, one where you reach the end, and one where you choose the second option right at the start, meaning it is possible to beat the game in like 4 seconds, depending on how long it takes to load for you.

The mapping's... quite bad. To be fair, it's supposed to be ''abstract'' (though it feels more surreal than anything) so I guess it's sort of excuseable. The shadow effects covering the entire map is a little ugly though.
There is no music, or sound for the most part. What it does have is the terrible rtp cursor sound. I get that it's a full rtp game, but couldn't you have taken the time to at least switch the cursor sound to ''cursor2'' in the database? Because that sound is much more pleasant to hear than the loud BING every time open the menu. Most of the sounds are just the database defaults, actually. While this isn't too bad for a short game like this, I recommend to everyone to NEVER use the default sounds for the cursor, cancel, confirm, etc. With that out of the way, some of the generator faces in the game are surprisingly well done. Well, at least the cute black kid's face is nice, as well as that lady whose nose is so red I thought she was a clown.

Oh, I get it, her face doesn't look really red because she's sick, she's just doing the lewd anime face.

There's a story here, but it's covered left for the player to figure it out. While it is easy enough to make out parts of it, I don't think a murder mystery especially should leave it entirely up to you to decide what happened in the story.
From what I understood, you play as a lawyer married to a hooker. One night, she went to a pub, and left. Then, she went to a party (?) and the cute black kid found her corpse, becoming the prime suspect of her murder. The main character became his lawyer. The real killer is... some guy with white hair? It's probably someone she was hooking up with.
It's a decent enough story for a 10 minute long game, but if it was more clear, that would help a lot.

There is little to no gameplay. You just go around and talk to these people and reach the end. It's more of a visual novel, if anything. Not to forget, it's FILLED with spelling issues, which is a bit of an issue for a game completely based on text.

Overall, it's a game that has potential with a story that could probably be turned into something much better, with proper gameplay and... uhh, less hideous blonds, hopefully.