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Within an ancient land, undisturbed for ages, evil resides in a towering fortress... A young wanderer, without a name and past, has been forced to travel to this fortress by a shadowy spirit who controls his every move. Setting out on an uncertain journey, the nameless wanderer has no choice but to succeed in pleasing the spirit's wishes or die trying...

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  • Completed
  • Zohaib
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure
  • 06/22/2007 10:13 PM
  • 11/03/2023 01:48 AM
  • 06/22/2007
  • 126213
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Sequel or more games from Zohaib? 'Ho Yeah! :)
Just about to play the game. Looks sweet.
Ugh. I hated this game. There was no real point to it. There wasn't really that much depth to the gameplay. You ran around, you ran around some more, and then some weird random story thing might pop up. The first dungeon, the Grotto, was actually pretty interesting, albeit short and monster-lacking. It also had an actual boss. After that, though, everything just gets boring and crappy. There were only two bosses in this game, the story was weird and confusing, the ending was just ridiculous and unrewarding, and...yeah. (*SPOILERZ* Seriously, the main character is a dead corpse and the land just stays barren and screwed over? What kind of an ending is that?! *END SPOILERZ*) I also hate creepy horror, so that didn't help.
Looks like a nice concept. say, where do i get the stick ? :P
RMN sex symbol
Don't listen to That Guy he's an idiot. You know what this game reminds me of.. Shadow of the Colossus. Shadow of the Colossus is an amazing game and I never thought anyone could make a game with that style or atmosphere in Rpgmaker but Zohaib sure did a hell of a job with Grave Spirit.
I don't have enough to say to justify a full review, but this game is very very good. 4.5/5. It's well-designed and the original graphics and music are very effective in creating atmosphere. Dialogue is slightly rough in places but that's a very minor nitpick. The only other thing was that once you figure out where to go next, it takes a long time to travel there because movement speed is so slow (and repeatedly using the dash attack gets tiresome).
This game is VERY good. Most creepy and atmospheric in the part before first boss. Later atmosphere is smaller... I love music&video mix in this game is really creepy how i said in first part of the game because is scary later is too happy (music), level design not good as in first part village TOO but sometimes can kick ass. At the first cave was really atmospheric and creepy (music, forgotten village) and some collect ideas - i like it very much...Later game sometimes boring me because when we hear happy music we hope to see someone to talk, see something new, fell powerfull and free - want to kick some ass's but situation is inverted we fight with noone, we fell not super hero, we not found new skills, items like stick, bird or not have many situations to use both... Just going foward and foward, collecting nothing...

In my opinion the best in this game are: graphics idea mostly in first part of the game, music (in the first part of the game mostly beacuse is most darkly), bird, poor weapons - ONLY stick with this we can't feel safe, once more bird, eyes, part before first boss, ghost, ravens, sounds, ending, last levels, atmosphere...
What i didn't like:

We not meet small enemies.Just two boss's.
Only one NPC who talk with us.
Atmosphere of darkness almost disapheared after first boss.
Not much situations to use bird, stick.
Music should be dark in the most part of the game - Happy when we are really powerfull or happy...like when we meet someone friendly and speak to him or just in moments of happines but not as background of dark levels.
Some part of the game when we just go foward and foward and nothing happening and levels are monotony, and sometimes boring.
In first locations slow walking is good but when we go in to the long montony levels slow walking could really makes man angry. (I prefer run option)
All games have many puzzels. I suggest to put in next game combine of collecting, and fighting puzzles too.

Anyway this is very good game..Advantages are too huge to rate this game to lower.
In my opinion 8/10...but it could be 10/10...

I vote for next game from Zohaib ! Absolutley One !
Heh, I knew that you'll post a very long comment, X-Tech. :)
Never understood what people saw in this...
Yeah, but as far as I can tell you don't like videogames Karsuman.
Just a heads up - I finally created a last.fm profile. If you liked the soundtrack that I do for this game, you can stream or download it for free at:


I'm surprised that there's a sudden surge in posts for this game. Zohaib's working on an indie film right now; I don't know if he's making another game. However, I will probably be working on his music again!
I think it's kinda funny how there are two reviews that say this game's gold and two that say it's not.
I guess time does take it's toll on a game...
I was going to review it but I fell asleep before getting any further into the game.
I'm stuck. I just got the stick and lit the other torch...now wtf do I do...? =/
Okay, so I finished the first dungeon, and I was like wait... that guy wants me to get to <Spoiler>, and said he's using me as a <Spoiler>.


So then I went back and walked over spikes until I died.

Nonstandard ending!
I feel inspired by this game and i start workin on my game "beta title - Trough Fear" it's more like atmosphere adventure with many elements of gameplay. What i like so much in this game is music, stroy without words and bird and functional stick. In my game in first idea player must use sword and few skills attached into it.
I played through your title and it changed me. I was moved by the atmosphere you crafted and brought to life. The story was intriguing and inspired me greatly. Check my project FEY, I left a comment on my page about Grave Spirit.
there is something wrong with the link to the download i can't download the game
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