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Update (13-SEP-2015): I had to reupload the file because there was a mistake which prevented one of the challenges from being completed. It's being fixed, also both links for download. If you already have the game, just replace the exe file with the new one, your saves and settings should be carried forward.

A classic 2D sidescroller Castlevania game. Based on the classical gameplay from the NES era, with completely different levels, bosses, sub-weapons and whip upgrades.

3 difficulty settings, a main story and a boss rush mode and secrets hidden throughout the game. 2 languages: English and Spanish.

This game uses original sprite graphics, sfx and story inspired by the classic Castlevania games (and some of the new ones too).

The game was made on GameMaker for Windows and there shouldn't be any trouble running it with current computers, but older machines might have lag issues handling the amount of graphics on screen.

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This was a pretty fun recreation of Castlevania.

The only problem I had with it is the controls, but since I can use my xbox360 controller as a keyboard. I didn't have much of an issue afterwards.

If anyone else wants to know how to use a Ps3 controller as a keyboard let me know. I would be glad to lend a hand.

By the way... The second map has a very familiar tone, but wait! Could it be??? Is it Slam shuffle From Final fantasy!? That song brought me some good times, so I thought I should make it rhyme.

Looks pretty good, btw, what NKN means?

Oh and, Xemeth, stop, thats annoying...
Wow, looks amazing. I miss good 2D castlevania.
man,your game is absolutely fabulous!i really liked it-great visuals,hilarious dialogues and smooth gameplay-now for me it's one of the best castlevania fan-games i've played so far
the only problem is controls-they aren't very comfortable-i think it would be better if attack and jump buttons would be near each other(like J-K for example) and not one under another-keeping hand during 30 min like this or longer kinda hurts
Guardian of the Description Thread
So, I gave this a whirl! For starters, I'm not really sure what's going on with this game. I start in one room, talk to a guy, move left, then I'm in a house with a different guy, move right, then I'm at the entrance of Dracula's castle? It's very disorienting!

Second, I'll have to echo the complaints I'm already seeing about the controls. I would definitely prefer WASD for movement over SZXC, with J and K for jump and attack respectively. Maybe L can be Magic Change, but Item Crash... I have no idea where that should be!

*Edit: Maybe it's just me, but I am not a fan of this dialog. I'm aware I can skip it, but, do you really need to have dialog for each new area you enter?


If anyone else wants to know how to use a Ps3 controller as a keyboard let me know. I would be glad to lend a hand.

Huh. Yeah, now that I think about it, using a gaming controller might be the best option for a game like this. Also, I think we are going to get along swimmingly.
I think It would be better if it would be WASD for the directions, and IOP for attack jump, and magic change.

How do I use healing spell? (every other spell I have is activated by whipping, which is stone-wall and fire)


I bought the "Unleash the hidden power of your weapon thingy" and it seems to have done literally NOTHING.

plz help :(

If anybody is using GlovePIE with an 360 controller, Here's my setup:

Key.s = XInput.Up
Key.y = XInput.Left *\If you have an american keyboard (z beside x) than put key.z in here instead/*
Key.c = XInput.Right
Key.x = XInput1.Down
Key.l = XInput.A
Key.m = XInput.B
Key.j = XInput.X
Key.k = XInput.Y
Key.LeftShift = XInput.Back

***with this setup: X is attack, B is jump, Y is Spell Change, A is Special attack (must buy skill for 500$ first). The keypad is the directions, One could map the analog stick to it but I refrained from it so it doesn't get too confusing. I also hate using the analog stick in 4 directional movement.***

I figured special attack out

Every weapon has it's own effect as well as "Mana" and "Heart" price. As far as I know so far:

1. The knife has a special attack which requires 5 hearts and leads to you swinging a human sized sword from above. Short Range but CHEAP and STRONG.
2. The axe has a special attack which requires 10 hearts and leads to you jumping up the air throwing 8 axes in 8 different directions. very COOL, not practical though.
3. The holy water has a special attack which requires 20 hearts and leads to your character touching the ground and summon a stream of Icicles on the ground on pretty much the whole screen. Semi-useful, but also COOL and STRONG
4. The cruzifix has a special attack which require 25 hearts and leads to about 8 cruzifixes circling around you like a shield, hitting enemies and projectiles, for about 30 seconds. This ability is AWESOME. Edit: Correction: It seems the circling cruzifixes are not dependant on time but on number of hits they gave out, with each cruzifix being able to hit 5 times before it disappears. Would like assurance from that, if any can be given by anyone^^

Figured Healing Spell out
It only costs mana if you hit an enemy while this spell is selected, in which case you are healed. So it is more of a "drain" spell than an actual "recovery" spell.
Wow, this was a overlooked Castlevania game. Surprised the CV community didn't catch wind of this yet. This, and another one called Lecarde Chronicles made by this french guy who came out of nowhere.
haven't downloaded yet, but from the trailer, i already know...
dis gon be gud.
Thanks everyone for your comments and downloads. The game has had way over 1000 downloads now (including the ones from other sources) and while I haven't moved on to it, I have many ideas for other games, including a sequel for this one in the Metroidvania style. Your feedback is very appreciated as I see how a lot of people talk about the difficulty in the game, which I believe is not "nintendo-hard", but parts of the game might feel like a daunting task (Death is a hard boss even for me).

Leave any comments here as I do read this website at least once a week and if you have any ideas or proposals just let me know.
666 downloads, I'm sorry, I just can't break that. I'll just have to be 668, I guess.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
This thing's hilarious.

(my opinion on the controls...and a suggestion or a few) man, that control layout...is there some way it can be edited?

s - up
x - down
z - left
c - right
j - attack
m - jump
k - change magic
l - item crash
space bar - pause
enter - skip cutscene
shift - controls window
F2 - switch languages
backspace - reset
escape - quit game (WHY DI GAME DEVS DO THIS?! this is a TERRIBLE design choice in ANY game ever made!)
s+j - sub-weapon
x+m - roll

overall...haven't even started playing and this control layout is just terrible and clearly was not setup with standard qwerty keyboards in mind.

enter should be pause (with a selection to resume or exit the game. get that escape key BS outta here!) while space bar should be jump.

szxc? wasd...is pretty much standard pc control.

and this j..k..l..m....that's really weird...
Get yourself a gamepad, bro. They all come with key-mapping software so you can customize the controls to however you want.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
keyboard controls like these come from the very early days of console emulation. the wasd thing wouldn't be a standard until later. Most devs assume you're not playing an action game on a keyboard.

Also, if you have a game console note that any Bluetooth or USB-based one has a PC driver, so you can save money that way if it's more convenient. Really should have a controller of some sort if you're playing stuff other than FPS's and strategy games
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