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In the vein of shoot-em ups like Touhou and oldies like Life Force. This is Orlyrinthum.


The labyrinth of the Sifirita. It is a sacred place of wonder, mystery, and great treasure. Rumors abound that it holds a power to make one's most valuable desires a reality. Thus, driven by sheer greed, Orloff sets his sights on the maze.


Directional Keys - Move character
Z/X - Sword / shield
Space / Escape - Accept / Cancel


Music - Incompetech
Sound generator - BFXR
Graphics and programming - Orochii Zouveleki
Story and support - Meenfrenzy
Testing - White Wolf

Thanks for all!

Latest Blog

Second beta released

So there it is, the second beta, made for gameplay testing. There is still a LOT of work to do, because there is not a lot of content made.
You can play indefinitely, buy items at the end of each level, kill mobs... But there are no bosses, and enemies are randomly generated right now.

Now, what is this second beta? And where is the first one? Well, I'll try to sum this up in a short paragraph. Orlyrinthum is a game I made for Ludum Dare 31, which is still going by the way. I made a first beta for LD31, but had a lot of unimplemented things and things to be fixed. So this beta was born and developed after the time of LD31 ran out.

I've been studying the genre a little these days, taking some advice and listening to comments, and between a lot of stuff, there is something pretty important to add that I missed entirely while making this game. Scenery. Life Force for instance has SO MUCH going on! There is a level where there are flames bursting from the sides, and another one where you fly fast and try to not crash at some sort of tunnel... and shit! It's awesome.

I forgot scenery entirely because Touhou has none. And it was the reference I had closest at the time.

There is also this other game called Exzisus, where there are some mid-level obstacles. That's something I could do in case things get too complicated (I'm... not too sure if I can do levels a-la LifeForce, because I could need to reimplement the entire game -but who knows! If something teached me RM2k/3 is to reinvent the wheel in several ways!-).

There is a lot of things to do, and between this, the second chapter of Armored and Drekirökr, I will be busy these vacations. Huehuehuehuehuehuehueeeee!

Thanks for reading!
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