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The Contract : Truth
The remake of "The Contract" in RPG Maker VX

Platform : RPG Maker VX ACE
Genre: RPG - Fantasy

Download Here :
Without RTP : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2nmotYgne8HSFlxNWVJY2gxam8/view
RTP : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2nmotYgne8HeGh4Y3pUUnVvbDQ/view

*Content Rating : Mature.

1) Introduction:
Welcome to my topic, everyone! My name is Edjie. I will introduce you my 1st game in RPG Maker VX ACE : The Contract. This game is a remake of The Contract in RPG Maker VX (Original series). I'm not satisfied with the original series, because it's filled with a lot of grammar error (English is my second language, and my english was really that bad!). It's my full dedication to make The Contract again from the beginning, if you've played my game in RPG Maker VX, please give me support!

2) Story/Setting/Purpose :
The game takes place in the Futuristic Mainland, there are two major Kingdoms in the Mainland, The Telasian and The Aradian. The Telasian Kingdom is a small, yet extremely well-developed kingdom, The Telasian Kingdom can produce powerful and futuristic tools. However, the Telasian lacks of human resources. Aradian is a big country with plenty of natural and human resources.
To balance the issue, the two Kingdoms agreed to form an alliance and they were coming along very well, until the recent issue, about the ban on the imports of the Telasian's product to the Aradian. Which brings a conflict among the two kingdoms.

You play as a young girl named Castelya, she's the daughter of the current trade minister for the Telasian. She would become the next Minister of Trade after her father dies However, no one knows that she will be involved much further than that.

3) Characters :
A. Castelya
You play as her. She's a daughter of the current trade minister of Telasian Kingdom. She has been destined to be the next minister of trade. She's cheerful, energetic, and a spoiled girl.
Abilities : She is fairly balanced. She can heal. She hits hard.

B. Gray
A sworn protector of Castelya's family. He's a gentle axeman and he's willing to protect Castelya at all costs!
Abilities : The defender of your team. He has lots of HP and able to withstand most of physical attacks, but be aware ... he's very much fragile when he receives elemental attacks.

C. Sujin
A brash and hot-headed youngster. He's skilled with bows.
Abilities : The fastest of the team. Make sure to use his agility for your advantage. He is fairly weak, however, his skills are mostly conditional, and would give you a chance to win some challenging bosses.

D. Olive
Childhood friend of Sujin. She easily gets nervous, but she's a caring woman. And She's skilled in healing, which is useful in our journey.
Abilities : The healer of your team. She heals party members, cures all ailments. Should be protected at all costs.

4) Features :
- A story driven-game.
- A Huge world to explore.
- Over 100 types of monsters and bosses.
- 90% custom battle animations made by me and some people in this community.
- Sideview Battle System (Battle Engine Symphony).
- 3 difficulties to choose : Casual, Normal, and Brutal!
- 15-20 hours gameplay. (depends on your difficulty)
- Endgame content worth of 5-7 hours of gameplay.
- Minigames.

That's all for now!

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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
NEITHER Google file exists !!
Stopped RPGMaker download to get the NO RTP.
Now I have to wait 15mins to download from this site :(
Just click the download option. Do not use google drive files. Thanks.
Epic RPG. Very good, you can really abuse some cheap spells to totally shut down early to mid game bosses. Couldn't kill the cannon robots. Got to Baldy McFatBalls and his crazy ivans. Didn't know about the crazy ivans, used a limit break that targets all enemies and all of them exploded and wiped the my party. The game then hanged there for a while till it crashed with an error about stacks too deep.

Major enemy bosses (you'll know who they are) also have their own limit breaks and are outright nasty, like fighting a touhou boss. You'll have fun playing this.

EDIT: Managed to beat baldy. General mask was super easy, and then the final boss. He was hard. He oneshot my party with one of his limit breaks, but I beat him the next time with defend spam. This game's difficulty is high up there. I went into the post game and it looked like just some extra bosses. I beat a few of them but some of them are ridiculous. Like a garuda with high DPS and lifesteal, I couldn't even damage him faster than he can heal back. Or Mr. 1700-dmg attack who can go twice. Oh how about the freeze dragon who spams area freeze multiple times and makes instant snowmans out of all of us? I'll leave it to the pros.
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