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It's a puzzle game (demo).

Nominated for the "Best Level/Dungeon/Puzzle Design" Misao award in 2015.

Duration: ~15-30min

(This is a piece of art drawn by Adellie. How nice of her.)

This game has story.

It has music.
It has sound effects.
There are backgrounds to this game.
The title of the game is Account Mu.
The world of this game is Account Mu.

Download to play the game.

Latest Blog

Account Mu: First Blog

I will finish this game.
The game is 30-50% complete.
I am aiming for an approximately 1 hour long playtime.
I am aiming to finish it by July 2015.
Aims are meaningless unless followed through.
But if I wait too long, Jason might die.
I don't want that.
Do I?
I will finish this game.

July 2015 was not a thing.
Release date is now unknown.
  • Production
  • CashmereCat
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 12/10/2014 11:57 PM
  • 12/26/2021 10:34 PM
  • 10/31/1991
  • 66427
  • 34
  • 228



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You're magical to me.
I'm glad to see this game getting its own gamepage ^_^ I'll be your first subscriber :D
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Thanks unity! You're always so encouraging. Demo DL is up. Basically uploading these games so that I can be part of the exciting Secret Santa event, haha! Much love to everyone!
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Subscribed, subscribed and subscribed!
Good luck with this project, Cashmere! I'm looking forward to the full game.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Thanks. I'm feeling really pumped about game dev right now. Hopefully I can crank out a whole lot of gameplay before Christmas. We'll see!
I have to say, you have a certain flair for feature lists.
who could forget dear ratboy
Definitely subscribing to this. It looks baller.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I have to say, you have a certain flair for feature lists.

One man's flair is another man's pretension ;)

Definitely subscribing to this. It looks baller.

Cheers, Pizza! :)
The title is Account Mu? Hm.... I'm not sure I can believe you.
Other wise, looks great! I'll do a review later and by later I mean right after I finish this comment and start playing.
who could forget dear ratboy
Just finished the demo. This was really, really well done. At no point did I feel frustratingly stuck in any of the puzzles or anything, so I think you did a good job of leading the player through the mechanics and the world without just sitting them down and explaining everything in a tutorial- which is really impressive.

The music reminds me of Nicklas Nygren's Knytt themes. Not sure if there was any inspiration there (probably not).

Yeah basically I enjoyed every part of the game. Keep up the good work.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I'm not going to write a review for this, just yet, not just because it's at early stages but in case I get it as my secret Santa, but I will say I enjoyed what I played thus far, like Pizza I found the way you lead without leading the player into understanding the puzzles and world to be very well handled. It allowed the player to feel in control of the situation which is always a plus in my book. I like the simplistic look and the background theme is quite evocative, so well done on pretty much all counts so far.

Slick game, it's like being at a spa
My only complaint is getting stuck without being able to reset the puzzle
(the one near the end, I blocked my exit)
My brain has been exercised
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Even for a demo, this was really well done. It's imaginative, challenging and has a pleasant design. Way to discourage me from making puzzle games myself, Cash.
(I'm just kidding, of course.)

I did find a few errors and oddities though. Specifically:
- A pretty grave bug: It is possible to push a box even when there's a wall between it and Jason. (See this screenshot)
- This piece of dialogue starts again every time I enter this map, even if I've been there before already. (See this screenshot)
- Am I supposed to be able to walk under these tiles? If not, it's not a big bug, because it causes no complications.(See this screenshot)
- The way balls roll when hitting a wall is not entirely obvious sometimes. I found the design of this particular level especially confusing, for visually it seems like the ball should be able to roll through the gap between the little vertical wall on the far left and the diagonal wall. Perhaps make the vertical wall extent a bit further upwards to make it more clear? (See this screenshot)

I hope that helps a little. Other than that, I enjoyed this game a lot. Even the somewhat overused breaking of the fourth wall was executed really well here in a way that made it engaging again.
I'm looking forward to playing the finished game a lot. Good luck with this project!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
@Christamoose The game's name is actually Account Mu. No lies.

@Pizza Thanks! Part of the design philosophy I had was to introduce design elements without having to say anything. I've only played Knytt twice, but maybe the guy who made the song was inspired by Knytt, who knows? Gracias.

@nhubi Thanks for your comments, nhubi. I try to make an evocative visual style while having very little artistic talent. It works only to some degree ;)

@Leigh Oh yes! I have implemented an "R" button that you can use to reset the game at any point in the puzzle, so people shouldn't get stuck any more. I'm glad to hear your brain was exercised (mission complete, lol).

@NeverSilent Cheers, NeverSilent. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the error reports. A couple of those someone had already picked up, but a few others I didn't see. I'm working on fixing the box-pushing bug right now. The dialogue bug is pretty easy to fix. As for that 3rd "bug", that is just caused by the way that the world's perspective goes. I made up my own perspective, and those are just high columns that you can walk beside. I know, it looks weird.

Part of the idea is that I want to break the fourth wall really quickly so that the player has an idea of where they stand in the story. The story is very meta and I wanted to get as much of that out of the way as possible. But by no means am I a great writer. I just want to be able to tell an interesting story. ;)
This tileset looks really neat! I think i'll give it a try!
extreme disappointment
this is cool
Nice game, i love puzzle solving mechanics and you have cramped a lot in just 15 mins of gameplay :)

Neversilent already pointed the 2 things i stumbled across: pushing a box behind a wall and the not obvious movement from the ball puzzles. In the end, i decided to try every available move instead of figuring where the balls were going.

I've suscribed and will be waiting for the next part!
Finally played it and it was pretty darn good. I tend to have very little patience for puzzle games, but as people have pointed out, your game does a great job of introducing things subtly and having puzzles just obvious/devious enough that it never gets boring nor frustrating.
Also, I enjoyed the narration (limited as it is for now) and the general aesthetics, I really wonder where you're going with this. I do like a narrative undercurrent in a puzzle game (the only ones I finished in recent memory were the Portals).
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
For such a short demo, the game does a great job of drawing the player in immediately. The puzzles are well thought out and subtly introduces little mechanics one by one. The only complaint I have about this so far is the Clouds parallaxes. There has to be some way to edit that so that the borders don't show up.
This is what I mean:

There has to be a way to fix this.

Other than that, though, this game is awesome! I can't wait to see more!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
@ricifidi Thanks. I fixed the pushing box behind the wall bug for the next release, but I think I'll keep the way that boulders roll because they roll that way in every single puzzle and I don't want to change it for a single puzzle and not the rest. It's probably not the best puzzle around, but it doesn't take that long to finish anyway I hope.

@Hasvers The narrative is something that is constantly being developed. It's a meta story and as such it's pretty high-brow and self-important. But that doesn't mean it doesn't make complete sense. I am for the story to be as understandable as your conventional story, it's nothing hugely surreal or cryptic or anything... or even symbolic. It's just an interesting idea/concept that I want to take as far as it can go. I hope you like what's to come.

@Red Nova Thanks! Those backgrounds are already fixed to loop seamlessly in the new version that I'll probably release early January. Here's an example :)

Is there a key you can press to reset the puzzle?

This happened:

I don't suppose it was Quit in the menu, was it?
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