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New Version: Beta 6.0

  • JakkDion
  • 12/18/2014 09:58 PM
I am working on a new version as I type this, I need some break. So I have added a few things my friend suggested to me. Instead of enemies attacking you when the light is on, they will now attack you when it is off. This will finally make getting the small bottles of lantern oil more useful. This will also add a bit more difficulty with trying to conserve your lantern, but at the same time, enemies will attack you with the light off. The light is also assigned to a button for easier use instead of having to always go to the menu to turn it on or off. The button is "F".
I have also added custom routes for enemies so they don't just roam around randomly. Even I found this to be quite annoying and have fixed that. Now, not all enemies will have a custom route, but when there are a lot in a certain map, like, the hallways, attic and some of the ones outside will, as will the ones in the library. Since part of the ranking is not killing enemkies, if they back you into a wall with their "random" movement, that would not be fair at all. Which has happened to me quite a bit. I am also hoping to find a script that has better A.I so you don't get stuck in a corner and don't have enough time to turn your light off.
I have also brought in two different difficulties and took out the "wise-ase" phrases. There will be Action Difficulty and Puzzle Difficulty. Much like Silent Hill 2 and 3. I am still adding the different modes in game for the puzzle difficulty. I have finally fixed the "New Game+" Aspect and now you can do the whole, "I finished the game four times now!" cheer.
Well, I can't think of anything else in that I have done for this update. If you guys have any requests, that would make the game better or less buggy, let me know.