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Evil Dawns MV??

  • JakkDion
  • 06/08/2019 11:07 PM
Why yes. Even though at one point I said I wouldn't be remaking this game in MV, I just went on ahead and did just that. Though, with one minor detail. It's not actually a remake. It's pretty much exactly the same story and same... nearly everything else. It's just that MV is much better for me to make games in and I was able to get things working in the MV version that I couldn't get done in the VX Ace version. Eventually, I may just get rid of this one or I might not. Either way, Evil Dawns MV is going to be out pretty soon and should be working much better than it has before. Thank you for playing the game. And good day :)

One last thing. I won't be doing any more updates to this version of Evil Dawns, though that may be a bit obvious, and will, in fact, be moving all further development to the Evil Dawns MV page. Once that has been approved I will then be able to tell what I am currently doing for the MV version of the game. Can't wait for everyone to see how it has changed :D
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