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Evil Dawns MV Available!

  • JakkDion
  • 09/03/2019 08:55 PM
Why can't I leave this game alone?
No, it's not my first game I started on, but it is the first game I finished. In fact, the original game had taken me a month, or less, to make. Since then, I haven't actually done much work on it. But recently, just this year (2019), I've worked on nothing else, but this game. I have reworked all the maps and most everything, although, the story stays the same. You can check out the game pages at the following links. Note that I don't have a download as of yet, but you can always keep an eye on it. I expect it shall be out sometime later this month (September 2019).
So, why can't I leave this game alone? There is just something about finishing a game that feels very special. Perhaps not to you or most anyone else. But it is special nonetheless. I really love the story of this game, thus, I felt it important to give it a proper game, that is, I felt the need to make it as close to my original vision as I could do.

Anyway, here's all the links to where you can find it:
Evil Dawns MV (RMN Site)
Evil Dawns MV (itch site)
Evil Dawns MV (GameJolt site)