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Progress Report

Gameplay video (BETA)

I did take a long pause from the game, but the demo is nearly completed. I just need 2 maps before I finish the bombing mission. Barret is still incomplete. The video link below shows everything I did so far, the game still needs tweaking, but for the most part it's playable.


Progress Report

Almost finished

I just finished the elevator scene, and now I have 3 more maps to go. I've decided to only allow Jessie to become a temporary playable character after they get off the elevator. She will have the tool command, and the scan ability. Hey weapon is still up in the air.

What's left?
- Barret's battle poses
- Jessie's battle poses
- A few enemies, including the boss, except for the guard hound, and mp (inf. man)
- Cloud, and Barret's limit break
- And the 3 maps that follow the elevator scene

Progress Report

Going pretty smooth

I just finished the outside of North Edge Station. So Far I completed the platform intro, and the map before Cloud enters the rector. Next I have to make the rector on the bridge like platform, and so on. I am going at a pretty good pace at the moment. I have a lot of momentum riding along with me. Hope you guys enjoy the demo when the time comes!

Progress Report

Opening Mission Video

Sorry the resolution is off, look better when you play the game.


Progress Report

Check out Cloud in action. Battle Test 1


I still need to figure out how to make the braver.


Looking for someone who can help me out with a script related issue.

I would be grateful if someone could take time out of their day to help me out with VE animated battle script. I am trying to do the note tags for a limit break. I am trying to create Cloud's Braver. I was wonder if anyone knows how to handle the script, and could give me a hand in making the Breaver. If anyone is willing to help, I will draw out the way I want it to be displayed through 3 sprites I made, and you can manipulate it through the script. I know the script isn't rocket science, and I found a guide on how to use the tags, but I am still learning.

Thank you


How short should the demo be?

1) Cloud jumping out of the train, and fighting the two soldiers?
2) The first bombing mission?
3) 1 and 2?
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