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Demo Available: RHD Demo Download


Red Hand of Doom is a turn-based strategy game based on the Dungeons & Dragons pen-and-paper campaign of the same name. In it, you must try to stop the legions of the Red Hand from conquering the Human, Elf and Dwarven cites and settlements of the Elsir Vale. The legions of the Red Hand are too powerful to be fought directly, however - you'll have to find other ways to thwart their plans.

Gameplay Features

Turn-Based Tactical Combat
The game uses a set of rules derived from Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e. If you're not familiar with those, in practice this means that it plays as a tactics game, similar to Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics. It mostly follows the D&D standard rules, though I've modified a few things here and there to make the game easier to understand and more fun to play as a PC game.

Character Customization
You can create your own party of up to 4 characters using the game's character creator and strengthen them in whatever way you desire as you progress through the game. No characters have set abilities or classes - it is up to you to decide how your party behaves. The game provides a flexible and powerful customization system which allows for a myriad of character builds - from a traditional spell-casting Wizard to a horn-blowing, battle-singing orcish Barbarian/Bard, who defeats enemies through the power of his voice.

If you're having trouble getting past an encounter, consider using different character builds or party setups.

Passage of Time
Time plays a major role in the game. As you play, the time of day changes, and all external areas will visually reflect this. Whenever your characters rest, several hours pass. When travelling to other locations on the world map, time will pass relative to the distance traveled. Time passes even when in combat - the longer you fight, the more time goes by.

As the days and weeks pass, various events will happen in-game. Several events can only occur during fixed time frames, as the armies of the Red Hand march along the Elsir Vale.Your primary task is to stop them before it is too late; there are a number of secondary tasks which will divert you from this path. If you arrive at certain locations early enough, you may be able to save characters that would otherwise die. Whatever the case, the story will continue.

Should you move on ahead of the horde and warn unsuspecting cities of their approach, or stay behind to save the wounded and get stragglers to safety? Spend your time wisely - losing in battle is not the only way to get a Game Over!

Widescreen Resolution
By default, the game runs at 1366x768 resolution. The Game.ini file can be edited to change the game's resolution from 1024x768 (better performance, smaller screen) to 1440x900 (more screen space, a bit more demanding on your PC). The game's UI repositions and adjusts to your resolution. All screenshots and videos below were taken at the default resolution.

House Rules
At the start of the game, several options regarding game difficulty can be changed. Instead of having fixed "Easy / Normal / Hard" difficulty modes, you can toggle individual options on an off, creating your own difficulty modes.

Latest Blog

Minor Fixes

Just some minor adjustments and various stability bugfixes.

v0.6 (12-31-2014)
  • Changed the Mettle feat requirement to Toughness + Steadfast Determination
  • Changed Weapon Finesse requirement to 13 DEX
  • Changed Zen Archery requirement to 13 WIS
  • Changed Combat Insight requirement to 13 INT + Combat Expertise
  • Added Martial Weapon Proficiency to Clerics and Rogues
  • Added a missing font for players using a version of Windows older than Windows 7
  • The Toughness HP bonus now applies retroactively
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Natural Leader and Aura of Courage from applying to party members you didn't have when you learned the ability
  • Fixed a crash when casting Fear spells
  • Fixed a crash when casting healing spells in Easy Combat mode
  • Fixed a crash when inflicting Shaken on a creature who is already Shaken. Doing this will now correctly make them Panicked.
  • Fixed crashes when running away from certain scripted fights
  • Fixed crashes on some PCs caused by trying to draw invalid UTF-8 characters
  • Production
  • 0 of 4 episodes complete
  • Kaelan
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 12/15/2014 03:38 AM
  • 05/22/2018 11:22 PM
  • 12/31/2015
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I'm definitely subscribing to this. Can't download the demo yet (my net speed is horrible at the moment), but I'll be back for it.

At the start of the game, several options regarding game difficulty can be changed. Instead of having fixed "Easy / Normal / Hard" difficulty modes, you can toggle individual options on an off, creating your own difficulty modes.

I've seen this idea used in a few other games and it usually works well.
Looks cool. I noticed in the video some familiar sound effects from Baldur's Gate, one of my favorites.

I'm actually using a few of those sound effects in my own game.
I finally changed my avatar, but that doesn't mean I have a meaningful user title.

Errors on starting the game:

MSVCR110.dll is missing

'Zeus :: Fullscreen++' Line 60: Runtime Error
I think I know what that is. Thanks for reporting, I'll take a look at it!
Max McGee
sorry for all those times i was a dick now plz play my gams
I get this error on bootup:

"The program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer."

Followed by the run time error Kory_Toombs mentioned. Which is a shame, I'd really like to play this, it's right up my alley.
Yeah, sorry about that :<

I wrote a DLL to allow the game to change your desktop resolution to match the game's (for people with large monitors who don't want to read tiny text but also don't want RM's super blurry image scaling), and I forgot to toggle a flag when compiling the DLL. Leaving it on makes the DLL requre the Microsoft C++ 2012 Redistributable, which includes MSVCR110.dll.

It worked for myself and various other people because a variety of other non-RM games will install it for you on your system. I'll put a fixed download up this weekend, which will also include a variety of bug fixes.

If you still want to play it in the meantime, it should work if you have this installed: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679
Made a monk. DEX 18, WIS 14, Veteran background for +2 AC. Total AC: 16. How disappointing.

But on the positive side: The UI looks fantastic. It's a very visually impressive game, and shows just how much effort went into it.

I did notice a slight problem when trying to click around the edges of the window, with the mouse clicking outside of the window when it really shouldn't. Fortunately, the keyboard shortcuts meant that was just an annoyance, rather than game breaking. The game is probably meant to be played in full screen mode, right?

EDIT: Clicking on the Charge command in the second battle immediately crashed the game.
Looks like the Wisdom to AC isn't being applied, 16 sounds like the right amount for unarmored Veteran + 18DEX.

Can you send me the error log for the crash? There should be an Errors.txt file in the game folder.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
im more anime style for appearance. but theres plenty of that around so i cant complain.
its nice to have games with different visual representations.
that give it a different experience for people.
gl and hope for completion
New version is up. The game's gone through several revisions and a variety of bugfixes since the initial download. All known bugs have been fixed.

If you've had trouble playing it before, now's a good chance to give it one more try!
Just want to say this is seriously amazing dude. I'll post some more stuff later on when I get time to finish the demo but the things you've pulled off with this engine is quite an accomplishment in and of itself.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
tried it today.
for what it is its AMAZING but honestly its not my things theres too much variation and customization for my taste.
i want simple but fun gameplay with a great story. i have no idea where this plot is going to go but with basic mechanics make me not feel interested enough to see it.
its not bad by any stretch.
just not what i enjoy.

you use the mouse to move your character and some keys on the keyboard for quick access to things.
you can choose your race,stats,class everything.
even for allys
5-10 minutes in i completely forgot this was RpgM Vx game

i did not enjoy this but highly recommend checking it out. w/o question its a good game and the creator put a lot of effort time and passion into it.
I won't be able to complete the demo, I'm more busy nowadays, sorry. I can give you critique for what I played though (up to the tomb with the skeletons).

- The mouse detection at the stats screen is off. It wouldn't be that bad except the rest of the game has much better mouse detection as far as I can tell.
- After the first conversation, the guy immediately starts talking again.
- Is there supposed to be a paper doll (e.g Baldur's Gate) on the character screens? I don't see one, and without it there's sort of a conspicuous blank space.
- I didn't notice anything in the tooltips that stated what affects SP, I guess since the trad. DnD rules didn't have anything like that. It would be nice to know which stat affects SP.
- There are no horns on the aasimar. You might want to get a specific aasimar portrait from online (with permission).
- I couldn't save, I go to the save screen but the save button is grayed out. As such I had to rely on very infrequent autosaves. I don't know if you can only save at specific points a la Final Fantasy but it was pretty annoying.
- During the fight with the hobgoblins, the little ones actually used potions to heal my characters. Was that intentional? It saved my cleric.

Overall, though, this is excellent. It's barely recognizable as an RPG Maker game, it feels more like a spiritual successor to Temple of Elemental Evil, which is high praise. I like the way you abstracted some elements of DnD that wouldn't translate well to RPG Maker, like feats and per-rest spells. You just need to work out some kinks and this game will be excellent, a seminal work in the scene I'd say.

If you need me to do more specific testing let me know, like I said though my time is pretty limited nowadays.
Thanks for the critique!

To answer some of your questions:
- That space in the inventory menu is there as a placeholder for the character paper dolls. I didn't have the art for them ready when I released the current version, so I just left the space blank. They'll be included in the next major update.
- That's my fault, I looked it over and you're right, there's nothing explicitly stating how SP works. After seeing various people play the current version, one of the major take-aways for me was that the tutorial just doesn't have enough information and doesn't give you enough time to digest the information that is there. The next version will have a new tutorial sequence that will hopefully address this. I'll also be updating the tooltips with additional information. For the meantime, in case you're still wondering: SP is increased by your main casting stat. So INT for Wizards, WIS for Clerics, CHA for Sorcerers, etc. It's (somewhat) functionally equivalent to D&D bonus spell slots, but a bit more pronounced in effect.
- The button on the first save slot is greyed out as its reserved for auto-saves. You should be able to save in any of the other slots though. Were all the others greyed out as well? That aside, you can change the auto-save frequency in the options menu and you can quick-save with F3.
- The potion thing is a bug with the AI targeting in the current version, a few parts of their targeting code doesn't distinguish between allies / enemies. It'll be fixed in the next version.

I'm working on several major changes for the next major version of the game, so there won't be a new release for a while. When it's ready, I'll definitely need help testing things, so I'll be sure to let you know if you're available!
Hey, your game is great. I found two bugs. When using "trip", in case the attack fails the game hangs. And the invocation of the giant bee, when it attacks the game hangs.

Another bug is that while most of the spells lasts until after the battle the invisible grenade ends at the end of the battle, which makes it unfeasible to use a skill that increases the duration.
this sounds like everything ive ever wanted on a computer rpg... asside from touchy feely dating sim mechanics i am downloading it now, cant wait to play it!
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