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Version 0.25b is up

I wanted to make more changes before releasing another update, but I really want to address the fog issue ASAP. I don't know if the change I implemented will work, so please let me know if the game still crashes in Obal Swamp or Molten Cave.

Version 0.25b Patch Notes:
- Fixed "To Title" option (it was going exiting the game)

Version 0.25a Patch Notes:
- Added "To Title" and "Shutdown Game" options back into the menu (with confirmation)
- Polished the maps by fixing inconsistent tiles and shadows. Also making sure that there are no unintentional paths into the walled areas.
- Attempted to fix "fog" issue. Please let me know if the problem persists

Next Up:
- Polish all existing dialog
- Add more dialog for supporting cast of characters
- Add events where the party members disband. I really love this idea, and it's not hard to execute. I just need to find some good cues for this to happen
- Tweak boss fights to make some of them more unique and fun.
- New battle BGM
- Nerf Darus and Flin's Magic and Resistance stat.
- Modify spell damage formula. Currently, it uses a formula similar to CT, where the damage is calculated using both Magic and Level. I will probably change it to (Magic + (Level / 2)) or something of the sort.
- Give some late-game monsters 99% Physical and/or Magic resistance to spice things up.

Already Finished:
- Fixed the infinite loop bug when completing Shiverton - Rescue Maid quest
- Fixed the bug where the wrong character(s) would join you in the final dungeon
- Monsters will now respawn every time the player sleeps (it triggers every time the "Inn" sound effect plays). I ditched the monster bait idea since it was too hard to implement at this stage.

Future Patch:
- (Major) Add a "Trait" system. Characters can gain skill points every level to gain traits. Traits are separated into 3 categories - Combat, Magic, Stat. Combat traits include learning to use new weapon type, weapon proficiency. Magic traits include becoming proficient in specific spell types, increase resistance to specific spell types. Stat includes increasing specific stats, increase evasion, increase hit rate, increase status resistance, and increase debuff resistance.
- Consider ways to modify "save station". After some though, I can't allow players to save anywhere they want. The reason is that I've encountered some weird tiling issues when I do that. There are some specific tiles that will cause a glitch if I save and then load the game. Some floor tiles will become impassable. No clue why it occurs, and I haven't been able to fully fix it.
- Consider limiting the number of spells a character can learn. Will also implement a "Forget" action so characters can forget spells they have already learned. This is to address the issue where in late game, the magic menu becomes so cluttered that it's hard to navigate through.