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Progress Report

I've decided to implement a "Trait" system, which requires major overhauls on multiple parts of my game. I've spent a good amount of time over Christmas to get a head start on the changes, but I am still about a week away from completing it. I've also put a hold on the dialog fixes, since I think the Trait system will make my game's combat more fun, and it will make leveling characters more exciting. Here's a list of the changes I've made so far:

Version 0.27 Patch Notes:
- Changed the set of basic elemental tech to elemental imbue spells.
- Fixed bug where Vexus show up in Humble Forest (I think...)
- Fixed hidden boss problem. Was testing the event against slimes, forgot to change it back.
- Modified character's list of usable weapons. Each character only starts with one usable weapon type.
- Modified spells into 8 categories - Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Lightning, Aether Healing, and Time.
- Characters are no longer capable of learning all spells. Most start with one, with the potential to learn up to 3-5 different types.
- Heavily modified "Tech" abilities. "Tech" abilities no longer cause characters to take longer to recover
- Heavily modified Weapons. They no longer give "Tech". "Tech" is now obtained through Traits system
- Modified Weapon and Armor description to include Power and Defense rating.
- Reduced all characters' base Hit Rate from 95% to 90%
- Reduced all characters' base Crit Rate from 6%to 3%
- Increased all characters' base Evade Rate from % to 5%
- Reduced basic stats for all characters.
- Implemented "Traits" system. Elder Boldie will provide a brief explanation on this system when you first learn to use magic. (in progress)