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Version 0.27 is up

Version 0.27 Patch Notes:
- Changed the set of basic elemental tech to elemental imbue spells.
- Fixed bug where Vexus show up in Humble Forest (I think...)
- Fixed hidden boss problem. Was testing the event against slimes, forgot to change it back.
- Modified character's list of usable weapons
- Characters are no longer capable of learning all spells.
- Heavily modified "Tech" abilities. "Tech" abilities no longer cause characters to take longer to recover
- Heavily modified Weapons. They no longer give "Tech". "Tech" is now obtained through Traits system
- Modified Weapon and Armor description to include Power and Defense rating.
- Reduced all characters' base Hit Rate from 95% to 90%
- Reduced all characters' base Crit Rate from 6%to 3%
- Increased all characters' base Evade Rate from % to 5%
- Reduced basic stats for all characters.
- Implemented "Traits" system. Elder Boldie will provide a brief explanation on this system when you first learn to use magic.
- All "Power Up", "Magic Up", "Defense Up", and "Resist Up" found in the wild are replaced with "Skill Up".
- Description now reflects the weapons and magic you can use based on the traits learned.

** Trait system is compatible with older versions of my game; however, there are a few things that won't seem right. If you load an older save, you will see:
- No characters have learned any weapon skills (although they can use they're respective weapons, they can't learn any tech until they learn the weapon via Trait menu)
- No character have learned any magic skills
- You keep all the magic spells you have learned already
- You keep the "Stat" Up items that you have already found
- If you already obtained "weapon" scrolls, you can use those tech by equipping the scrolls, but if you find these scrolls in version 0.27+, you need to learn the tech via Trait menu

Still to come:
- Polish all existing dialog
- Add more dialog for supporting cast of characters
- Add events where the party members disband. I really love this idea, and it's not hard to execute. I just need to find some good cues for this to happen

Future Patch:
- Consider ways to modify "save station". After some though, I can't allow players to save anywhere they want. The reason is that I've encountered some weird tiling issues when I do that. There are some specific tiles that will cause a glitch if I save and then load the game. Some floor tiles will become impassable. No clue why it occurs, and I haven't been able to fully fix it.