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Version 0.30 is out

Version 0.30 patch notes:
- Finished the 3rd "everyone leave party for a while" event. Still need to be tested
- Fixed a bug where Tomas and Emily doesn't start with the appropriate weapon and spell trait.
- By default, Tomas should have Spearmanship and Aeromancy
- By default, Emily should have Marksmanship and Restoration
- Unfortunately, I cannot fix this retroactively, so people who have Tomas and Emily in party already will be short 3 skill points each. Sorry :(
- Fixed the "vine" tiles and the chest in Tranquil Falls is now accessible again.
- Fixed Tomas appearing out of nowhere in Asiel Throne Room
- Modified Jester's prize from Stat Ups to Skill Points
- Fixed various small bugs
- Fixed various inconsistent shadows on maps
- Cost to learn Trait "Precise" changed from 5 to 3.
- Fixed Mana Break animation
- Fixed "Tough" trait (+20 HP) bug (wasn't giving the stat increase)
- Fixed "Knowledgeable" trait (+3 MP) bug (wasn't giving the stat increase)
- Fixed "Accurate" and "Nimble" trait bug (was giving too much stat increase)
- Fixed characters starting with ability to learn spells that they shouldn't be able to learn
- Fixed "Geomancy" trait. It should now allow characters to equip Earth Spell books after getting that trait.


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i don't use the editor but one way to fix passably issues is to make a event and have it set to "same as player" (copy paste for quick fixes) :D
Actually that wall in the flower shop was made impassable at one point (with the use of Region Tiles), and I think during one of my map-fixing iterations, I didn't remember why I marked those walls a specific region, so I removed it, which lead to what you saw in the game. Then when I tried to fix, I made all the vines impassable, leading to the current issue. lol

I just changed everything back to the way it was. I'm still working on more dialog events, and I want to play through the game a bit before I upload a new version.
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