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Several years ago the Kingdom of Fieras made war on the Kingdom of Norland. Although they were able to make some gains they were driven back by a rising incursion of monsters which made the land ungovernable. Norland suffered though and several towns and castles such as Dolstone castle were destroyed. Several years later the last scion of the Clesslor family who ruled over Dolstone castle came of age and returned to his ancestral lands hoping to reclaim his birthright as the lord of the lands between the mountains and the river. Between him and his goal lie monsters, resentful citizens, a demanding capital and a resurgent Fieras.


Conrad Clesslor
The son of the previous Marquis of the province and one of the few survivors of the massacre of Dolstone.
A wtich who lives in the forests surrounding Dolstone.

non linear gameplay
a town where you can recruit villagers and manage the economy
side quests
monsters visible from the map like in Chrono Trigger or Lunar

Latest Blog

changelog for version after 1/15

I have been a bit slow on this but I have decided to continue work on the game and this is the changes that will occur in the next released version of the game
Added some more dialogue to the opening scene
Fixed a couple remaining clipping errors.
Fixed a couple of crafting errors
Added a new area (town and castle) to the game
Added three new playable characters
Added two simple quests
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  • unity
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 12/17/2014 11:51 PM
  • 08/02/2017 06:49 AM
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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
So, is that a Lord who marches, a Lord of the Marches or a Lord who turns up between February and April?

Given the Marquis title I'm going to go with a Marcher Lord, it's nice to see an archaic term being brought back to life even in a limited aspect.

I only got to where the player was killing the vermin. It's got a lot of fixing to do. For one, when I walked into the chicken coop and left, I was transported somewhere far from the chicken coop area. I like it so far, though. I like the idea and the thought put into it.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I gave this a quick run through, you need to have a look at your message boxes, the ends of words are being cut off quite a lot. Also you've got a lot of words strung together. The conversation after he's been told to push off by the village elder is rife with them, 'thatchecking' 'probablyjust'. There are also a slew of spelling errors as well. I'd suggest writing your script out first in a word processing programme and then paste it into the message boxes in your game.

You've also got another transport error, the house to the east of the magic shop, when you walk in, it's the pub and when you walk out you're outside the pub which is right at the front of the village. The pub itself is so bland, there are no customers, 1 bartender and 1 waitress, 1 flagon of beer and 1 bottle, even if I had money to buy anything there is nothing to sell. The lack of detail extends to the entire village. All the houses are rectangular boxes with badly placed windows, when they have windows, some don't have doors even though they've got a path leading right up to the house.

I'd also suggest you speed up the door opening sequence, it's about twice as long as it needs to be.

I like the fact that there is a guy still in a tent outlining the lack of housing in the town, the problem being there appears to be something like 14 houses and only 10 people, including the mayor and he's got 5 beds in his house, so it really doesn't stack up numbers wise.

In the church you have 4 options for talking to the girl and the priest, but only one of them actually produces a response, the rest do nothing.

In the ruined village the outside of the houses have huge gaping holes and piece of walls and rooves missing, but the insides have no damage to the structure, or at the most a small crack in a wall. Also the quest to find the wood, there is wood strewn all over the village but none of it is accessible, which makes no sense, why wouldn't you gather your resources and clean up the place at the same time. Not to mention I would have though burying the bodies would have been a better first job than patching up housing. People really aren't going to feel comfortable moving in if there are skeleton's lying around.

Just like in the church, your butler has 4 dialogue choices and half of them produce no response.

In the mine you've got chests that don't open and crates you can walk over, stairs that don't go anywhere and impenetrable spider webs.

That's about where I stopped playing. There are a lot of areas that need a lot of work with this one. I'd suggest you have a look at a few of the mapping tutorials to see how to make your buildings and surroundings a little more interesting and consistent. Run your script through a spelling and grammar checker, and go through those transition points.
Thanks for the feedback. I will be spending the next couple of days fixing all of the problems you listed and releasing a better version of the game.
Help plz!! How am I supposed to fix the houses in the town after killing the rats??
I don't have any money to buy anything. Where can I find the wood for the houses?? I already saved the soldier from the mines.
1. Monsters in the game right now don't give out money. You sell the items that they drop when you kill them.
2.There are two ways of getting wood. Either you buy it in the store or you build an ax and then go to the forest and chop down one of the smaller trees.
There appears to be an invisible zombie encounter wandering around along the back wall of the mines.

When you enter the first village (where the mayor lives who turns you down) from the world map, immediately in front of you is an invisible unpassable obstacle. Another one is to the right side of the entrance point on the village you're rebuilding. After retrieving the shiny bauble in the forest, the square it was on turns into an invisible unpassable obstacle.

Second the comment about getting wood. Even if the broken wood strewn around is too rotted away to be useful, there are nice, strong fences all over the place, and houses that are still (mostly) standing. If I had an axe and I needed to fix up one house in a hurry, first thing I'd do is cannibalize one of the less useful existing houses and get enough wood to patch up all the rest of them.

But even before that, I would make sure to bury the dead!

Healing potions are made of... copper ore? Seriously?

If you head west from the start of the forest, you find small trees that can be cut down for wood. If you head north, you find small trees of the exact same kind... that can't be cut down for wood.

After repairing the first house, the butler leads you off a little ways to show you the first field. After this, he becomes a passable tile (you can walk over him) that can't be talked to.

After repairing the first house, the butler reports you now have room for two people to live. You can talk to the guy by the tent and offer him a place to live, but if you talk to the girl in the clothing shop, who wishes she had a less crowded place to live, she doesn't get the same offer.

When you talk to the butler and tell him you want to sleep, and you have food available, when you wake in the morning he's gone. This doesn't happen if you sleep and there's no food.

The rope ladder item name is "Roper ladder" for some strange reason.

If your worker requests your copper shovel, and you say to give it to him, Conrad equips the shovel instead of handing it over.

After repairing the second building, if you walk into it, it's all trashed inside. Walking out of it again takes you back to the original village map, where nothing was repaired.

After repairing the second building, the butler says that for the next project you need "materials you can't find in Rinde," but he doesn't say what they are, so you have no idea what to do next.

After repairing the second building, if you leave the village, you can't get back in; you walk right over the village on the world map like any other passable tile.

All of these bugs were found within the first hour of gameplay. As I'm currently unable to continue, due to being unable to re-enter the village, that's all I can find for now...
When i walk out of the 2nd building that you make with 15 wood the area reverts to how it was when you first go to the kingdom place and the building does not look fixed, also if i talk to the villager by the tent too much i will get multiple of him
Are you still working on this project?
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