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Progress Report

changelog for version after 1/15

I have been a bit slow on this but I have decided to continue work on the game and this is the changes that will occur in the next released version of the game
Added some more dialogue to the opening scene
Fixed a couple remaining clipping errors.
Fixed a couple of crafting errors
Added a new area (town and castle) to the game
Added three new playable characters
Added two simple quests

Progress Report

working changelog

All this stuff is in the new version of the game Which I released 1/15/15
added 4 side quests
added 2 new crafting options (witch)
added a new recruit-able character
fixed a couple of bugs concerning the mine.
fixed a couple of bugs concerning the village.
I added a couple of my skills so all the characters have two or three skills by the time they are level 3.
I opened up another level to the mine dungeon of the game.
I opened up the mountain pass area.
Fixed some spelling and mapping errors.
Added a new cut scene near the beginning of the game.
Implemented a crafting script.
Added a couple more items to the game.

Progress Report

update number 1

I am putting this blog post up just after I made a new upload file. This post is sort of a change log. It might not be complete but I am really tired when writing this.

changes in the new file.
Added new crafting options (cooking, one more at the blacksmith)
doubled the size of the forest.
Added some more detail to Rinde as well as new dialogue options with characters.
Added fishing to game.

Currently the game is far from finished. In the next update I plan on adding some more combat options as the combat in the game is quite primitive as of current. Also I plan on some more dungeon options as well.
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