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A SNES-style RPG with a few modern touches

17 years ago, an unnamed land is torn apart by a great war between two oppossing powerhouse, The Queen's Army and The Black Tower. The war completely corrupted the land, almost depleting all of its natural resources. However, the war ended with no victor, leaving what is left of humanity stranded in a war-torn wasteland.


Left orphaned by the war, Esque joined the 'Scouts' just to put food on the table for his sister.

More to come...

  • Custom battle system

  • Custom Menu

  • Most rpgmaker2003 add-ons by Cherry.

  • Kazesui's text plugins and load condition tutorial.

  • Other big name companies.

Latest Blog

Dane Cook and George Carlin

I personally really like Vaan's role from FF XII as an outside observer and the main character at the same time. Vaan has very little involvement to the game storyline compared to other protagonists of the series. From my interpretation, he serves to represent the player's avatar in the game world and I think it's brilliant. The only problem is, Vaan is not essential to the story at all, he could be easily replaced by some random NPC from the game and the story won't change a bit! It may sound contradictory on my part, IMHO; the game should've given Vaan a little bit more credit. I haven't played FFXII - Revenant Wings so I can't say anything about that game.

What's that got to do with anything?
Well, when I finally released the next chapter, you'll notice that the main character stays silent during most of the major plot point (save for a few uber-major one). That's probably because I had FF XII in mind when I was writing the game. So yeah. Tell me, if you don't like this approach and I'll adjust it accordingly.

In other news, I have just finished mapping the first town! Hurray!

I also learned a fnew trick when it comes to mapping towns, I dubbed it 'lazy padding'. The town has 3 zones, 2 of them attached to the 'center of the town' called ' Connor's Pride'. I created this fast travel sorta kinda feature when you step out of one zone.

You can only fast travel to areas you've already been.

Also, what do you think of the first boss fight against the Wicked in the prologue? I feel like I really hit the nail in the strategy department where you have to keep applying 'purged' to the Wicked.

It was hard at first, designing a fight where you only have 'basic attack' and 'loaf around' commands at your disposal but then I thought "Hey, why not make this fight a shitty plot device? Brilliant!"

If you think the fight was too hard, mind you, it is beatable.
You only have to use a simple trick, I don't know if I should share this as it might make the game too easy. Ah, screw it!

The game has an array of variables stored keeping track of the 'Threat Points' each characters has accumulated in a battle for each present enemy, and this is how the A.I decides which character to whack. Basic attack accumulates target's threat points, Using abilities accumulates more threat points than using basic attack and also draws other enemies' attention, and waiting decreases the threat points for all enemies. I won't say the each value but that's the gist of how things works.

If you are still reading this, go get a life and buy an ice cream for yourself.
I don't know if it's okay posting a link to other games on this site on the blog, but I've played a couple games posted here and two of them really sticks.

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This looks pretty neat! Is it told in a pseudo-comic style with frames of different scenes? If so, that's pretty interesting.
And a custom battle system to boot? Neat!
This looks pretty neat! Is it told in a pseudo-comic style with frames of different scenes? If so, that's pretty interesting.
And a custom battle system to boot? Neat!

No love for 8-bit theater web-comic?
I don't know where you get that idea. I didn't think I'd said anything negative. (And yes, I've already read that years ago and enjoyed it but I don't see the connection. At all.)

It reminds me of another game: The Burning Grail. It might just be the aesthetic and the fact that both have custom battle systems. You should check it out!
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I'm guessing...no relation to the Metallica song? : (
I wonder what happened to this. It looked promising.
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