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As the Commander of His Majesty's Special Forces division, you'll be forced to make decisions that have consequences for thousands of people, people you meet and interact with in the field. Laventhrope is a game about political intrigue, deceit, betrayal, war, romance, and more. Many themes combine to bring you a more realistic roleplaying game that focuses less on the fantasy elements and more on what it would be like to live, and more importantly, have power within a medieval court.

The story's what you make it. This is an open-world, sandbox type of game where you're placed into the leather boots of one of the more powerful and influential figures in Laventhrope. As the Commander, your word is law. The only one to hold more power is the monarch, but even he can't get things done the way you can. You're in charge of soldiers, supply lines, and operations all around the kingdom.

- A linear plot that tries to make the player explore as much of the world as possible. Mainly, it centers around stopping an assassin's plot.
- 14 unique party members who're able to be recruited. Not all of them are available at once, however, and upsetting them too much can make them leave.
- Explore a massive world where you're able to travel (via boats, airships, and teleporting crystals) from continent to continent, all in the name of Laventhrope's monarchy.
- Commit to operations and either help or hinder the commonfolk in their daily struggles. Of course, things also happen on a much larger scale. For instance, choosing a repair a bridge opens up another part of the world, but what's waiting for you there when you do that? Every choice, big and small, could have consequences on Laventhrope.
- Cooking, fishing, and mining are available but you don't have time to gather the resources (unless you want to), so you can send out soldiers to gather what you need.
- Interact with various types of people and explore lore-heavy locations. From Greenhill, home to the Silent Sisters, to Whitstone, home to an order of knights dedicated to preserving a single white rose.
- Tons and tons of references from movies, TV shows, and other video games.

Dev. Note
This is a large and ambitious undertaking (kind of). I understand that. But I've learned so much since Tales of Arcadia and my entire "mak gam" process has changed. I'm more organized (no, really, I am), experienced, and anxious than ever before. I'll probably update you guys twice or maybe even three times a week on how much progress is being made.

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The all around prick
Wow. This is areally ambitious project. I wish you luck, Carvonica!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Guess I have to wait a day or two for a download button :(
Guess I have to wait a day or two for a download button :(

More than a day I'm afraid. But I'll try to release a demo soon. :)
A very ambitious project, but I have faith that you can do it.
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