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It has only been months since Idra Temple has been overrun by monsters. In one night, a crack appeared on a tile and grew into a hole that poured out creatures from the world below: the Underlands. Many have been sent to close the hole, but none have yet returned and the monster presence grows larger by the day. As a last resort, a nearby village has sent Riley, a monster hunter by trade that had only recently arrived in the area. However, on the way to the temple, he spots a mysterious figure lying underneath a tree...

About the Game

Crossroads is a game that started out as a simple way to test out RPG Maker VX Ace, but soon grew into something a larger than anticipated. This game is made with RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and all of the limitations that comes with it, such as a limit of 20 maps and 10 events per map. Crossroads uses all graphical assets from what came with the engine aside from a few map backgrounds made by myself. This is my first attempt at creating a game, so I hope that people out there will find some enjoyment in it!

Crossroads will feature:
A projected hour of gameplay.
12 Endings in total!
An interesting cast of characters!
Odd references to other series!

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