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1. Is this game episodic?

Yes and no. Heroes of Legionwood is the first game in a trilogy of games that form a continuous story arc. Each installment in the trilogy is designed to feel like a complete game in its own right, with an ending that creates a sense of closure (if not entirely resolving the main conflict). You can play any of the games separately to each other, though if you own all three you can take your save file through the entire trilogy and experience the complete adventure.

2. Does this game continue the story of Legionwood 2?

Heroes of Legionwood takes place 100 years after the events of the previous game, and no characters or locations from Legionwood 2 appear. However, the story is a direct continuation of Legionwood 2 and provides a resolution to the Darkness story arc. You can "import" your Legionwood 2 ending into Heroes of Legionwood and certain story elements will change depending on which ending you achieved in the previous game.

3. How does the dialogue system work?

Much like in Legionwood 2, you will have the opportunity to choose between different dialogue responses in certain cutscenes. Unlike Legionwood 2's simple yes/no choices, Heroes of Legionwood features an expanded system where you can select from a wide variety of stances during conversations. It works essentially the same way as the "choice wheel" in games like Mass Effect and Alpha Protocol.

4. Does the storyline adapt to my character's choices?

While the storyline in Heroes of Legionwood remains roughly the same no matter what you do, your choices do carry real consequences and influence many elements of the game, similar to the morality system in Legionwood 2. Certain dialogue responses will cause NPCs and companions to react dynamically to your character, and your responses may affect which quests, rewards and bosses are available along with - ultimately - which ending you receive.

5. How does the day/night cycle affect the game world?

Unlike previous Legionwood games, the world in Heroes of Legionwood is a living breathing world that progresses through a day and night cycle. Many things in the game are influenced by this cycle; shops will open and close at different times of the day, certain NPCs will be in different locations throughout the day, and some quests may only be available at certain times. An in-game day is roughly half an hour long in real time, though there is a Wait option that allows you to skip ahead to a later point in time.

6. Does the class system from Legionwood 2 return?

Heroes of Legionwood utilises a completely new character progression system unrelated to the class system of Legionwood 2 or the AP system of Legionwood 1. The class you choose for the main character at the beginning of the game is a permanent choice, though each class now contains a unique Tech Tree with various branches, allowing your character to specialise in different ways. Each time you level up, you will earn AP, which you can use to advance further down the tree and unlock new abilities for your class.