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This game is my entry for the M.O.G. creation event. It was made with limited resources. My aim is to make compact game with story driven by the choices player makes.

Characters and Story
You play as Karen, daughter of the mayor of the Sunny Village on the Sunny Island. Your dad went missing ten years ago. They told her, he was dead. They lied. In search of your father, you have to leave safety of your home island and set on the journey of your life. To accomplish your task you will need help of old family friend Dungeon and his relative Ab.
Mister Dungeon, is known for being the only person who ever escaped great prison of the Volcano Island.
On their voyage they will encounter many characters such as Magus Kentona of the Tower, Witch Queen Shensetta, famous painter Yuna or rebellious Mayor Joseph Seraph.

-Game is built purely upon resources made for M.O.G. Creation event.
-Other limitation is the time limit.
-Story-focused as there are no battles.
-It will have multiple endings based on several decisions during the gameplay.
-Over twenty maps including World Map.
-Great soundtrack from Shensetta and KoopaKush
-Graphics from Kentona, JosephSeraph, Yuna21

I want to finish the project before deadline. I want it to be good looking, with working mechanics and story, which does make sense.

Latest Blog

A new way to play A Man Called Dungeon

There's a new way to experience the story of Karen and her companions on their journey to find Karen's father. If you don't mind loosing variants and dislike broken English, you can read this write-up, Marrend wrote for me. It's stylistically way better than anything I could come up with (at least in English) at it ends in the best possible ending.
Hopefully, next year's Secret Santa will surprise me with some artwork to go with the text.


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Updetat version Uploaded!
I pushed myself to finish graphic overhaul of the starting village. I made some corrections by the way. I haven't touched the last scene, which would need it the most. I haven't used switches in it and created gargantuous mass of text. I refuse to touch it ever again.

Comparsion of the starting location before and after 1.01 patch.
Gratz on finishing it before the deadline, gonna check it out now.

Edit: Odd, the site glitches on me when I click on the download link. Any mirrors perchance?
Edit: Odd, the site glitches on me when I click on the download link.

The same happens to me 3 years later. I can't download the game.
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
I assume the "Download Now" button leads to the "Cash Saves The Day Edition". For what it's worth, the version I downloaded for this media object was, probably, the 1.01 version.

Which, yes, has some issues with walls that can be walked on and broken English.
I assume the "Download Now" button leads to the "Cash Saves The Day Edition".

In my case, the "Download Now" button leads to ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
It's possible the version Cashmere at spell checker got removed. I'll redirect it to the original download later.
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