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A new way to play A Man Called Dungeon

There's a new way to experience the story of Karen and her companions on their journey to find Karen's father. If you don't mind loosing variants and dislike broken English, you can read this write-up, Marrend wrote for me. It's stylistically way better than anything I could come up with (at least in English) at it ends in the best possible ending.
Hopefully, next year's Secret Santa will surprise me with some artwork to go with the text.

Progress Report

A Game Called A Man Called Dungeon

"Oh, this game so sucks.."
Sucks Hard, another Looser who bought Ace on sale on Humble Bundle and makes sithy games."
"But this one was supposed to be good, there is Kentona's name and Yuney. Have you played Enelysion? That was game, but this was just waste of time."
"And that guy had to be born in Africa, his english sucks."
"Sucks hard, man."

I've just finished uploading first version of my newest game. I need to say few word about it. It's terrible. I liked it so much more before I added story. It was great. Just walking from location to location and listening to tunes.
It wasn't game though. Si, I added content. I added story, which does not make sense. I added choices to make it gamey. I read part of it after myself. They do matter. There are six different endings. It should had been twelve, but I got lost in conditional branches. Problem is, none of these endings is satisfying.
I haven't got time for coding, so there are no battles. I think they should be in. It would make game longer and sometimes there is place exactly for battle. One of the endings should be then showdown with father. Yuna is kidnapped. Is there better way to rescue her than through hordes of banditos?

Another controversy is use of popular RMN users as in-game characters. Don't play
game 'coz of this. I did it purely to show them my respect. I included only some M.O.G. event contributors. Apparently those, whose resources I used. It's no tribute game to rmn society.

Last thing I want to mention is what I plan to improve in 1.01 version. It would be either before New Year's Eve or never. There comes a list:
-English, I'll do corrections
-Add more endings
-Starting location, I want to change the graphics style, so it fits with the rest of game

I would like to make so much more, I'd rather keep my energy for my other project I started back in august and haven't touched since.

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