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This Game takes place in a time period similar to the early 1900's late 1800's. One man has built a great futuristic city in one night and he has declared war on the world, promising to take everyone to see god. You are Lieutenant Ayen Karparl. You must work with the spy organization in his city and find out what his plans are and steal his technology. Along the way you discover an age-old prophecy that is about to come to life once again. Will Ayen be caught up in this endless cycle of violence? Or will he try to change the world after discovering the truth?

* Choose from 15 Classes for your main character
* 20-25 Hours of content to play
* Magic system similar to D&D
* Pushes the DBS to its limits
* Custom Menu System (Party change, Skills system, Spell book system)
* Barely any RTP usage
* Over 1000 maps

Go to the official website for details:

How to Cheat:
Run the game using rpg maker 2000
Hit F9 and enable switch 0115: DEBUG MODE

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Looks great so far interested to see how this plays out but is it really canceled?
If you just put it on RMN,why is it cancelled?
Yeah I agree with Twom...why is this cancelled when IT JUST GOT PUT UP!?!?!? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! And the game looked pretty good from what I have just seen...really man? Say it isn't so. <_<
I made this game a couple years ago. I am not longer working with rm2k but put it up in case anyone wanted to play it.
I find this to be pointless that you cancelled this upon putting it on here but it looks good. I'll give it a shot.
RMN sex symbol
It's a very old game guys. Most oldies will recognize the game and from what I remember it was actually pretty good. Good to see some of the classic games popping up.
*click to edit*
I just wanted to say I really, REALLY like this game and beat the original demo several times.
My only gripe is that the game becomes frustratingly hard when you arrive at the medieval town and then have to travel to the underground base. I had to cheat from that point onwards to progress.
Still, it remains one of my favorite 2K games.
Noooo! Don't cancel this!

Nonetheless, I will download this...but it looks awesome, so far!
I think I remember this... but I don't think I played it. Will do so RIGHT NOW
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
holy shit I remember this game. it was VERY AMBITIOUS for its time. someone should review this (my plate is kinda full)
I heard about this game many times and never bothered with it past the intro, but then I decided to give it a serious go. Loving it so far. Forgot how ghetto rm2k games could get, especially when paired with phantasy star animations.
Too bad this was cancelled, You got style!
It's such a pity that you cancelled this..... Many classes, fantastic musics, interesting story, a bit harder gameplay..... just what a good rpg game needs, and this was done all by yourself. Well, I will treasure this.
cancelled -> hiatus? should I be intrigued 0.0
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