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Back Story
It's been centuries since the horrid, hellion, Dark Lord immersed the country into a hell on earth. A hell where humans were enslaved and forced to serve demons under the Dark Lord. Half of the population consisted of monsters crawling around and shortening the life span of humans or anyone who stood in their way.

However, a righteous hero stepped up with a group of trustworthy friends and turned everything around after conquering the hellion with a holy sword enriched with tears of families whom lost their loved ones.

Nonetheless, centuries went by where humans rose back up. A rumor went by that the Dark Lord had a son and in fear that his son would take the place of his father, the people stood together to ban mythical creatures, monsters and anything in between from interacting with humans.

Though the son was never found, anyone who wasn't a pure human would get tormented, tortured and sometimes even killed. The race of humans became so untrustworthy and lived on the edge. They did all they could to prevent anything like the events of the Dark Lord to happen again. Non-Humans got chased out of towns and forced to live far from civilization. In forests, deserts, anywhere with harsh weathers to calming paradises.

"Demons" were never to show their faces again else they'd face consequences. Some accepted this fate and learned their places for the world. But, others were wiser. Groups were banded together to attack kingdoms or small towns in revenge for their lost families and friends. However, the human population was too large and it only resulted in fewer mythical creatures and other beings to remain hidden due to the loss of the war.

The non humans who live today are scarce. They take every step very carefully. The humans, on the other hand, today are just jokesters or heartless souls who torment for fun and treat other races as pets or wild animals to be exterminated or played with.

The Game
Here, you'll play as Tobi, a humanoid with cow-like features and someone who doesn't exactly take every step carefully. For humans, he's seen as a demon. For everyone else, he's seen as a cow. And well no one addresses what he really is, do they? Anyway, you'll start off with him trying to get into the organization for the brave and rebellious. And see just how humble the human race is.

Maybe after that, you'll get into more trouble.
Tobi's fate is in your hands.

Characters(So far)

Hello, old friend. We meet again. I've decided to continue working on this 4 year old project and try to finish it.ONCE AND FOR ALL.

((RIP to my original game data that got corrupted when my laptop crashed sigh. I'm starting over from scratch again. I'm leaving the old download up because why not))

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
So, did this ever get finished?
So, did this ever get finished?

Sadly, no. Ugh I'm not even sure where I put the files for this.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well there is a still a download available, so all the files are here on RMN :).
I'm stuck after entering the wall, the npc only says "well, well, well..." no events after that. :(
I'm stuck after entering the wall, the npc only says "well, well, well..." no events after that. :(

Oh noo I forgot I still had the download up. xD
So my laptop crashed and so did my games data and stuff so I had to start all over again. That's pretty much where it ends with that route.

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