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The demo submission was made for the event. It is a demo of the first part of the game. I spent about 3 days on the actual game creation, the rest was working on the necessary functions required from RPG20XX. Depending on how people react to the demo, I may or may not finish it.

This will eventually be a submission for the My Own Game: Creation event. I'll give thanks to DarkFox who isn't new to hobby indie game, but is quite new to the idea of RPG Maker. It's very rare for me to collaborate, but it helps as I am busy with many other important things.

Plunder mountain ruins of a lost civilization for untouched treasure, and perhaps find more than you've bargained for. Play as the cautious un-human part-fox Sofia and travel past the less-brave explorers for legends and gold.. although mostly gold. Nobody, not even Sofia herself knows quite what she is. She only gets along with humans as is needed and might one day find answers. But in the meantime, gold.

This is the first simple game designed to test the basic functionality of the RPG 20XX engine. Simple won't mean boring as the game will feature exploration in a not-random-dungeon-yet-still-somehow-rougelike spirit. You venture in, fight past the enemies, outsmart the traps, solve the puzzles, and find the loot. The greater the risk, the more you explore, the more likely you might even find strong legendary weapons and skills. You get stronger with experience, but you must find the better equipment and skill tomes.

In the spirit of the My Own Game: Creation event, I tried to use as many of other submitted materials from My Own Game: Graphics and My Own Game: Music as I could.

I give thanks to:

- Lots of the character sprites are high contrast versions of JosephSeraph's characters
- DarkFox recolored almost all the map tiles from what Ratty524 submitted
- I used converted background graphics from Yuna21's set as well
- I'm using music tracks submitted by Shensetta
- The system graphics, icons, and monster sprite were drawn anew for this event

Now, let's see how far we get!

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Tech Demo

I've got a demo working where you can walk around as Sofia and.. that's basically it. At least it works on the real hardware.

Download: https://rpgmaker.net/media/content/users/4965/locker/wcgb.gb
(You will need something like BGB to play this ROM)

One of the problems more unique to the Gameboy at the time is its very short vblank period. You can't access the video memory while the system is using it to draw the current picture, so any changes have to be made when its not being used. The picture is not being drawn during the vblank period and this is all the time you have to do things. These include loading new graphics, changing tiles on the background map, etc. The short time we get makes even the simplest things a challenge.

I've mentioned before how you need to place new pattern cells down as the screen moves to handle a tile map. There's barely enough time to update a column or row of new cells during vblank. This would be alright except there's more I want to do like animated tiles and sprites with many frames.

This is Sofia's character sprite sheet. There's 12 frames here for a total of 48 pattern cells needed. The Gameboy supports sprite mirror so we could get a bit more out of it, but there's not really that much VRAM and we'll want to leave room for all the other objects in the game. The solution is to stream animations into a specific location and just use that.

But there's no time to update new map cells AND Sofia's new frames as she walks in one vblank period. What we need is more vblank periods, but those only happen once a frame. Sofia changes her frames as she walks, and there's 16 frames of movement with only 2 being spent updating map cells. New frames can be scheduled to update on the frames the map isn't being updated, and if it was, the new frame can wait until a frame is available. This makes animating some of the map tiles a bit easier.

The engine simply loads one of these four sets of patterns into a specific spot in memory. The effect is that these tiles on the map get animated. Palette animations can't be done in dual mode games since the older Gameboy models had a single background "palette" that affects everything. These are done as the lowest priority update since you would have problems telling if there was 30 frames between a step of the animation or 32.

There's still props and other types of objects (like enemies) to handle in the engine. Enemies can have 2 frames of animation and have their sprites entirely loaded at once (for 8 patterns cells per enemy type) so there can be a lot at once. This is actually how they mostly looked in the game jam demo.. this sort of video game aesthetic was based on developers overcoming limitations.


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Hey there, looking cute!

Just wondering if we could get some larger images to check out, since the ones shown are really small (I can't read the menu very well at all).
Oh, it looks real cool! Awesome! :D
I love those tiny resolutions. I assume this is the GBC?
It was made out to look like the Game Gear but both the Game Gear and GameBoy have the same resolution (10 tiles wide by 9 tiles). RPG20XX lets you enter your desired game size in tiles (in case you had 32x32 scale assets instead of 16x16).

Just wondering if we could get some larger images to check out, since the ones shown are really small (I can't read the menu very well at all).

You don't have a magnifier in your browser? I'm kind of a purist when it comes to screenshots; that they have the original resolution and that they be in a lossless format (PNG).

Of course, when playing the actual game it will let you set the scaling from 1x 2x 3x or 4x (it defaults to 2x).
If you're curious, quick test program is here. It's just a room with 5 gel enemies. You can barely defeat them all, but you might lose sometimes. Next comes the items, and then the other skills and equipment.
Cute little game, love the dungeonmusic. (used in the other entry I played as well, hehe)

There are a few oddities, for example that some menus I can exit only with x and others only with esc, as well as some with either.
When I leave the sub-menus like the equipment screen I can exit only with x (as well as the character selection, which you have to cancel as well to go back), but you can open and close the menu with esc. You can open it only with esc.
I know this doesn't sound like much, but it is very jarring. And I end up hitting y instead of x sometimes, and to use items when you have no need is quite annoying.

It's a little bit too small imho, but I really like the looks of it. Plus the battle-system is straightforward, awesome, and most important of all - fast.
The dungeon is satisfying to explore as you really cannot guess the layout. Good job.
(+ the pretend to be wizard description for the orb is just cute)
Not sure whether you get a means to recover mana later on, but for now casting spells is pretty much wasting it.

Edit: Okay, nevermind. It's still a specialty, but I like that.

Finished the demo as well - I have quite a few regenerative items left, but I tend to be an item horder, haha. The heroic sword is ridiculously strong. Not that you can do much with it in the demo.

I'd love more
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
the text is a tad hard to read actually.; It seemed small to me at firs,t but i've likely been playing my GG emulations at a multiple.
Definitely no way better to showcase the 20XX potential than to actually demo it through a game. Gonna give this one a go as soon as possible.
Love the game balancing where I need to be careful which type of monster I pick to fight and also the limited source of healing items, adding strategy challenges. Managed to defeat the Heavy Metal Girl and reached the end of the demo.

Also I am suprised that RPG 20XX can reach this far now. It's been a while.
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