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Accompany Elsa, a teen-age girl who has just moved to another town with her mother and tries to find out about its history. Set out on an unexpected quest full of mysteries to unravel (which takes about 15 hours and features self-written music). Why does the game board in the woods work only for you? What does the Elder know about it? Who was the Wizard? Does he maybe still exist? And in addition to answering these questions, can you find all the hidden items and secret rooms, too?

Hey, almost done here!

At the beginning of the game, choose one of two classes with different skills and, here and there, slightly different events taking place in the world. Do you want to get close and personal yourself as a Fighter, dual-wielding your electrified swords, or play the supporter's role of a Tinker, healing and buffing your allies? It's up to you!

This might work, I guess?

Configure the skill setups of your actors yourself! Choose between a number of powerful skills, some even with multiple useful effects, and try to find the perfect solution against the enemy combinations you encounter. Take advantage of skill synergies in order to defeat even the hardest bosses with relative ease!

If only I had a skill that ... -- hey, wait.

For more information, please visit the blog: https://gamemastervxace.wordpress.com/

Have fun!

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'If you don't understand this, it was not for your eyes.' So, no, that's not the hint. :) The hint explicitely refers to the Riddle Path, too.
wheres liem the cat master girl's cat i found him before then he ran away then i went to talk to the girl because i was wondering why he was there now i cant find him so where is him and how cna i find radiant tears because i know how to get coruscent and diam tiers but not radiant
Ok. I give up. I'm trying to figure out the Riddle Path. I have the clues but when I try to follow them, half the time I just end up back at the entrance. When that happens, do I start over? Or do I try to continue on? How can I tell if the puzzle has been reset?
You have to find Liem several times before he returns home.

Finding the Radiant Tears is optional, so don't worry too much. :)

Your Riddle Path progress resets whenever you find yourself back in Calm. Imagine the Riddle Path as an actual path from Calm to somewhere else. :)
OK. That makes sense. But why do I keep ending up back there in the first place? I thought I was following the path correctly.
I'm just getting more and more frustrated here. What am I missing? I can't get through this ridiculous Riddle maze. Is whatever is in there absolutely essential to continuing the game?
It's not essential, but definitely helpful. I'm not sure what you might be doing wrong. What's the second hint you're following?
oh its optional i didnt know that but i think i would like to upgrade my hammer anyway just to get stronger
and since i found liem that one time on eastway i never found him again i think i searched for him everywhere and im sure its none of the cats in the hidden village of the elves so i was wondering where is he
Radiant Tears: Can be salvaged from equipment you find only very late in the game, in the basement of the Hexagon Tower.

Liem: Can be found in the Hushlands, but yeah, he's pretty hard to spot there. :)
I'm trying to go s,w,s,w,s,e,n and on the rare occasions I can get in to the east section, your spoiler said something about the flowers being North. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes when I come out at the entrance it says I'm in Calm, when I start over, but other times it doesn't say where I am, in which case I follow the instructions. When it says south, I assume I am supposed to go all the way to the bottom, correct? About 90% of the time I get spat back out at Calm. I hope this makes sense.
Oh, I see! The hint with the flower was misleading. The flower *marks* north, generally. So if, for example, the flower is at the right path and you want to go south, you head left.

As far as the map name display error is concerned, I thought I fixed that with 1.0.3. You aren't running an older version than that by any chance, are you?
No. I believe it's 1.0.4. Anyway, thanks. I'll see if I can get through.
It will be fixed in 1.0.5. Thanks for the report! :)
Well, you can believe I felt a little silly after your hint. I saw those things but totally did not relate them to what I was doing. Thanks.
you hide liem too well its so hard to find him i found him in hushlands as you told me and now i cant find him again
i dont udnerstand how to compelte the puzzle inside the hexagon tower to open the door
Yeah, Liem hides really well there. But it's only a side quest, so I think it's okay. The game is full of secrets I don't expect (and maybe don't even want) players to discover on their first playthrough.

As far as the Hexagon Tower puzzle is concerned, that *is* a problem. I have a solution, but it only applies if you haven't touched anything yet. Since the puzzle doesn't reset on re-entering the map (which it will in 1.0.5!), you can either just try to figure it out from what you have or, if you're getting really desperate, send me an e-mail with your save file to saireau@outlook.de, so I can reset the puzzle for you and give you the solution.
hmmm ok
i´ll send you the save file
can you tell me the next location of liem
You're really worried about that cat, aren't you? All he wants is a quiet place to sleep! :P All right, these are the locations Liem tries to have his peace:
1. Eastway
2. Hushlands
3. Lawn of the Sages
4. Home
5. Southway
6. Northway
7. Moonlight Library
8. Sector #1