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Accompany Elsa, a teen-age girl who has just moved to another town with her mother and tries to find out about its history. Set out on an unexpected quest full of mysteries to unravel (which takes about 15 hours and features self-written music). Why does the game board in the woods work only for you? What does the Elder know about it? Who was the Wizard? Does he maybe still exist? And in addition to answering these questions, can you find all the hidden items and secret rooms, too?

Hey, almost done here!

At the beginning of the game, choose one of two classes with different skills and, here and there, slightly different events taking place in the world. Do you want to get close and personal yourself as a Fighter, dual-wielding your electrified swords, or play the supporter's role of a Tinker, healing and buffing your allies? It's up to you!

This might work, I guess?

Configure the skill setups of your actors yourself! Choose between a number of powerful skills, some even with multiple useful effects, and try to find the perfect solution against the enemy combinations you encounter. Take advantage of skill synergies in order to defeat even the hardest bosses with relative ease!

If only I had a skill that ... -- hey, wait.

For more information, please visit the blog: https://gamemastervxace.wordpress.com/

Have fun!

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  • 12/28/2014 08:16 AM
  • 05/31/2019 07:03 PM
  • 12/24/2014
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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I just wanted to check is the distribution of tears random? It appears that way so far for me. I'm at the 5th gameboard and so far only managed to create one dim tear.
You can get Dim Tears from salvaging common equipment. :)
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
random thoughts

game already has saves

i dont like that old man why is he so exited just to get to fight???
fighting isnt a game o.o

fuck the merchant racist bastard!

that lily pad area was annoying to navigate XD

the Corleone body armor adds the skill inferno but it does not say that. is it a glitch?

whats with the monument top left of your village is it a grave???

fuck the elder...i hate cheap bs plots like...
girl you HAVE to do this...
please explain why i HAVE to...your even insultingly calling it a game and theres no threat even to anyone apparently.even if there was its not mandatory that you help them!this is ridiculous!

the sign near the game door in the lily pad area seems unreadable. i don't see a possible way to get in front of it

dam i hate that old man shoving his problems on you but he has stamina to be able to make it all the way from the village to the mountain top covered in monsters alone o.o

dam that old mans bs never ends! why the F is he blocking the north path!? does he not have a life...go home and get the F out my way since your doing nothing useful!

is there no ice 3 gear?

:O we have to re do all the gates!? well the plot gets a terrible rating!
really i wanted to game to end soon this sucks!

the black cat that follows you is REALLY annoying (elf village)

ok so honestly i had 1 gate left to finish including optional stuff.but i give up. mostly because this game wasn't that entertaining.
i love good writing. creative and fun characters with a awesome plot.
and for me this game lacked all of it.
in terms of grammar it could use improvements in a few areas.
and as for glitches i don't believe i noticed anything.

Gameplay 10+ hours eto...

i dont feel un bias atm so play if you umm...
... i dont know who would like this :(
• What do you mean by 'game already has saves'?
• The Corleone armour indeed enables a skill (so do other mystic armours!), but there simply wasn't enough space in the item description for it.
• You will learn about the 'monuments' (obelisks) later.
• The sign near the portal in the Hushlands is in fact reachable. :)
• There is an Ice Cannon III, but it's well hidden. There's a hint in the Moonlight Library.
• The 'New Game Plus' really shouldn't be that annoying as you can pretty much annihilate everything until Board #3 or #4. After this demonstration of you being extremely powerful in comparison to the enemies, it becomes more challenging than before on the last boards. But I have to admit I kind of expected this design to cause controversy.
• I'll have a look at the black cat. But honestly, the affection of a cat should never bother anyone. :)
I am happy to announce working on Game Master Plus, the major expansion of the game. If you are interested in regular updates, please consider following the official Game Master page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamemastervxace
Hey guys! Sorry, I totally forgot to let people know about the new URL of the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greatpotiongames/
If you're interested in the progress of Game Master Plus, please visit me there. :)
I can't find the last obsidian obelisk! Does anyone have a list of where they all are please?
Are you still searching?

The obelisks can be found in Home, Snowbound, Calm and the Forgotten Desert (three of them).

Hope this helps. :)
Thanks for replying, I think it is the third one mentioned. I can't remember how to get there!!
You can get there by talking to Vaille on the Moonlight Plateau up to a certain point. After that, I'm afraid, the Forgotten Desert can no longer be accessed. (At the time I developed the game I liked the idea of permanently missable stuff, but to be honest, it was a terrible design choice. If it really bothers you, send me an e-mail. I'm totally with you, and I'm sure we can find a solution.)
I have every ingredient for the Nasty Brew but somehow the event doesn't trigger at all.
Edit: I started a new game and it worked this time.
Hi reggird,

I'm glad it worked out after all. :) Do you still have the save file where it didn't? I'd like to have a look into it and see if I can find the issue.
Unfortunately not :( I overwrote the old one since it wasn't too far into the game. Sorry!
Decided to restart the game & seem to have got a lot further but can't get into the hexagon tower. Not sure where I am going wrong. Could I have some help please?!
Awesome to hear that you tried the game a second time! Thanks! :) Would you like to send me your save file via e-mail (saireau@outlook.de) so I can see if there's a bug?

Sorry for the late reply. In general, if it's something urgent, it's best to send me an e-mail. I check them daily.
Sorry, I hadn't checked back either. Good news, I completed the game! It is a great game. When are you bringing out Game Master Plus? I think this is a really good game with parts that I haven't seen in other games before. I think you have a very creative mind. Good luck for the future.
Thank you for your kind words! :) I really appreciate it, it's really motivating!

'Game Master Plus' is on its way. It's in the closed-beta phase, which means I talked of few friends of mine into playtesting the game. How fast this progresses depends on them, even though I'll make sure to remind them of their duties every now and then, haha. :) I am also planning on posting updates about the game on the Facebook page 'Great Potion Games' if you're interested.
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
I was liking this game, and how it rewards exploration and searching, until I got to the second board. At the boss, everyone is repeatedly hit by stun, poison, mass silence, mass confusion, time after time again.
Thank you for the feedback, Dyluck. I'm sorry the second boss is giving you such a hard time. Please give it another try! :) Maybe look for items you might have missed? You can check the guide here: https://dl.orangedox.com/rybrFBy2zO7xDLWnV7/Guide.pdf Maybe gain another level? Especially in the early game, each level makes a significant difference.
Is there just a limited amount of the repair kits and mana units? They're very helpful and I'd love to find more ^^ also, I'm having a problem. I've dug up all 3 skulls and given them to the skulless thing but he crushes each of them..is there one I'm looking over?