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Sacred Reviews: Fenrir - First Operation


"Fenrir: First Operation: is a somewhat difficult game to score in my opinion. This is because the bulk of the game's problems are a result of the developer trying to push RPG Maker 2003 well past its limits. As many developers have found to their chagrin over the years its impossible to make a solid game with an active-battle system in RPG Maker 2003. And while I don't understand the underlying reasons why trying to create such a system makes the engine twist and turn in ways that are both horrifying and beautiful to behold. I also can't deny a certain admiration for people trying to the push the envelope. Even if their trying to push it through a mail slot that's been covered in plywood and nailed shut.

The story of "Fenrir: First Operation" is pretty basic with the main character being part of a team sent to wipe out all of the scientists and personnel on a space station doing inhuman experiments on an alien race. Of course, these scientists were doing this on the government's orders in order to find a way to kill the aliens. This is because their military strength far outstrips the humans and makes them decidedly uncomfortable when it comes to dealing with them, but with the aliens closing in on the facility the government wishes to destroy it. After all, if the aliens discover what is going on at the facility they'll have justification for declaring war on the human race.

While the game itself might be rather short. It does leave quite a few plot threads in the air. These plot threads offer up a lot of potential room for sequels, but considering how old this project is. I'm pretty sure were not going to get a follow up to this one. So, we'll probably never learn what Dr. Augen's next move is or what Kel meant about the main character being a traitor.

While the game leaves a lot of room for further developments. I'm guessing the bulk of those twists were going to be rather standard. In fact, I'm guessing that Kel and the main character are related. After all, Kel implies that the main character is quite familiar with him. Though, I suppose this section is a bit speculative seeing as how this game was never given a sequel to my knowledge.


"Fenrir: First Operation" is a third-person shooter that takes place in a cramped space station. Unfortunately, the cramped nature of the space station also means that your enemies will regularly get caught on walls and other objects while trying to get to you. As a result, you'll routinely need to strafe enemies in order to draw them into lines more advantageous for you. In fact, you'll spend the bulk of your time in this game strafing enemies. So much so, you'd think the tactic was going out of style.

Outside of the regular AIs whose intelligence and path finding skills are the stuff of nightmares or belly laughs depending on your mood and how drunk you are. The game also includes a few bosses that require the player to take advantage of cover in order to take them out. Of course the game's glitchy nature sometimes allows you to cheese victories against the bosses. In fact, my favorite example of this happening was during my fight with the first boss level alien in the game.

Outside of shooting enemies with shotguns and machine guns. There's also a small section where you need to flee from an oncoming enemy.


On the graphical side of things the game looks like a Pokemon game. In fact, I'm kind of curious if part of the inspiration behind the look of the game was because of titles like "Pokémon Dawn" by MrPrinz. All and all though the game is acceptable in terms of its look. Even if combining eldritch horrors with Pocket Monsters comes across as a bit unusual. Though, I suppose the "Pokémon" franchise should be used to this by now. Especially after the third movie with the Unown.


On the musical side of things the game comes across as a bit sloppy in my opinion. This is because the game lacks any sort of beat on the title screen. A decision that always comes across as rather atypical in my opinion.


"Fenrir: First Operation" is a game that wants to get the player to glitch heaven. A euphoric place where everything wrong with a game becomes beautiful. Unfortunately this title falls a bit short for me, but I still had fun taking advantage of the glitches at times. Unfortunately not all of the glitches work in the players favor. In fact, I remember an enemy's bullet getting stuck on the screen at one point in position that I was going to have to walk over. And since it wouldn't disappear it effectively had become an unavoidable land mine. Though my biggest gripe with the game came from the gun misfiring on multiple occasions. There's just something highly irritating bout watching a bullet magically stopping a few feet from the main character for no reason.

All and all this game is probably pretty easy to look over in favor of active-battle systems built in engines capable of handling the strain, but if you want to take a stroll down memory lane about all of the issues that plagued games like this back in the day. Then this title might be worth a quick gander if you can spare around thirty minutes or so.


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Thanks for the review!

There was originally a sequel planned which never happened. It's been a while so I've admittedly forgotten where a lot of the threads were going, but I'm pretty sure the traitor remark referred to the player character being one of the aliens under that helmet. 99% sure I drew a helmetless character set for the reveal, might even still be in the files.

Wow, that boss glitch! My bad. I think those orbs that do damage were supposed to prevent you from doing that but from the GIF it looks like I place two in front of the same pillar instead of placing one each side.

Looking forward to watching the let's play you posted. I actually just went downstairs and grabbed some actual popcorn for it!
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