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A simple Rogue-Like adventure set in a fantasy world where you must use everyting at your disposal to overcome the challenges ahead of you

Panic has broken loose in the land, the flow of magic from the spirit realm has been cut to a trickle. What has caused this shortage in the resource that the world relies so heavily on...? Mages and Wizards from all over the world began to gather and study in attempt to discover what it is that is causing the issue and that is when a discovery was made. In a recent experiment a young mage attempted to bestow a spirit with sentience and succeeded in a way. The spirit confused and panicked by his new life fled from his master into the spirit realm where he belonged and is now causing havoc in his fear.

You are an adventurer hired by the guild of mages to investigate the problem and attempt to calm the familiar and return the spirit realm to its natural order. In order to accomplish this task you must find your way through the many layers of the spirit realm to the center of the spectral world and calm The Mage's Familiar but the spirits of the the spirit realm are not the most friendly to visitors and will do their utmost to get rid of you by changing their world into dangerous place to tread because unlike our own world the realm of spirits is not fixed in its form and is easily manipulated by its residents. Nothing is ever the same.

~Randomly Generated Dungeons that seem to rearrange as you traverse them.

~Highly strategic combat that focuses on knowing your enemies and planning ahead

~Variety of Unique characters that provide a different challenge for each play through.

~Control multiple characters as you attempt to conquer the dungeons.

Latest Blog

Progress Report 006: Back on the Horse

Well it has been awhile since I was posted any updates on this project and with the university year comping to an end the project is coming back off of its annual hiatus in preparation for my summer development season.

Despite the lack of new postings there has been a bit of work going on that I do not believe I have shown namely two of the primary menu systems of the game. These systems are completely custom built by me to give me the flexibly and the minimalistic visuals that I wanted.


The Mage's Familiar has no standard equipment system as seen a lot of typical RPGs instead it uses what I am referring to as the Essence System. Essence is a unique systems that allows you to equip Runes to augment your stats and even . The main difference between standard armor equipment and the Essence system is that the position of the Runes matters. Place two unique runes side by side on the grid and perhaps you'll discover a new combination and learn a new skill from it.


The Infusion system allows for monster drops and other materials to be fused together into new items. Items can be formed into potions that provide interesting status effects and Runes from the Essence system can be combined into more powerful ones. It is important to be careful though because a Infusion gone wrong will leave your items wasted so it is important to search the world for hits to what the right recipe might be.

Personally I am very excited to have these system up and running. I have no experience with coding in RGSS so both of these systems were built solely within the confines of the eventing system of RPGMaker. The systems themselves are complete I simply need to populate the game with the various recipes. I would like to get a video of the systems in action posted soon but that will be a little more time.

I would like to end this progress report by saying that I am hoping to have a small demo up and running within the month to illustrate some of my progress so far. The demo will likely be the first of the dungeons, unpopulated with monsters and chests, to test the random generation as well as a few default recipes and runes show off the new systems I have been working on.
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  • 12/30/2014 01:00 AM
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This is interesting! So you will be able to control 2 characters? (As seen in the character selection screen)
That will be the premise, Both characters will have different abilities both in and out of combat and together play very differently from any of the other sets. The difficulty comes with the random generation and making sure the game is always completable with all characters.
Procedurally generated dungeons :D
Right up my street :)
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