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DEMO v2.0 out!


  • DAY 2 is out (as intended for the DEMO)! What kind of new activities our rehabs will have to face? Next update should be full game. When? I don't even know :(
  • Improved performance.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • More mini-events! Will you be able to beat the Beast of the Wild and reclaim its reward? It's not that easy so make use of your new skills and items!
  • Added pictures to give a more visual novel like vibe (go ahead and inspect the Cave and the old photo :D).
  • Improved some maps. Basement remodeled and animated waves!
  • Thoughts on movement feature added. You will see what Nicholas thinks in real time (no need for stop movement to comment about the weather)!
  • More stylish green orb over head and mouse cursor and some other minor stuff...
  • System options from Menu.

Please, I ask for all the feedback possible (and bugs :P). The game should be more appealing with day 2 over :3 With this I set the stage for the following gruesome events that will take place in the island.

It will take time for the completion of it, sadly :( But I'll not give up as long as I'm alive!

Developer Blog: http://akumugames.tumblr.com/