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- Age: 15.
- Description: She doesn't like people. Her antisocial and cold behaviour makes it difficult for others to approach her. However, she seems to like nature, especially little animals.

- Age: 14.
- Description: Daughter of the president of the renowned SETON Corporation. Due to this, she lives a life of comfort and luxury. Well mannered girl but somewhat naive.

- Age: 17.
- Description: Energetic athletic girl. She is positive and friendly towards anyone but with a little bit of temper issues.

- Age: 17.
- Description: Known as troublemaker and young villain in his school. When not participating in gang fights, he works at his father's family restaurant.

- Age: 14.
- Description: Genius boy with 167 IQ points. Despite his age, he won the 2014 International Mathematical Olympiads. He is very fond of science and has an arrogant behaviour when it comes to mundane stuff.

- Age: Around her thirties.
- Description: The person in charge of the seminar. She decides the chores the group will have to perform. Luckily for them, she is very forgiving and caring. She is also a well known scientist in the Quantum physics field.

- Age: 17.
- Description: The protagonist. Easy going guy that due to an accident lost part of his memories. He spends most of his time reading manga and playing video-games (which is plenty).