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Higurashi Meets Coma Victim

  • abe109
  • 04/03/2015 10:22 PM

The story overall revolves around a young man who is recovering from a coma.
There is an overall laughable, cozy and pleasant atmosphere since he
is recovering in a beautiful island. However,
something is amiss, you know it throughout the whole story... I mean
even a blind person would pick up the tense atmosphere from the overall
dialogue. There is overwhelming pleasantries to the point you KNOW something
is bound to happen. It´s like this eerie feeling that you get from the starting
intro where the music starts tense in order to reveal what kind of atmosphere
you will subsequently be exposed to. Something is off - terribly off.
and to break the tension what you get is a bunch of cutscenes with the
characters in which you learn all of their names and actually start liking
some of them... And once you´re hooked and fully immersed BAM stuff gets serious.
Overall it gives you just about enough time to get immersed and once you hit the 30 minute mark you won´t stop playing till you finish the game. IF YOU´RE MAN ENOUGH TO FINISH! 9/10

Solid, very good use of effects including falling leaves. If you move then the stuff you see outside the window also moves. If you move away from a clock then the sound also starts getting dimmer and dimmer. The eerie and night scenes are also very well made as there is a very limited field of vision for the player. The audio is great as in appropriate for their specific scenes.

This game feels quite different. Different in respect to giving you enough funny/interesting cutscenes to know the characters to such a depth you don´t want anything bad to happen to them. And yet disturbing since you that there is some kind of tension in the background-- like a grandfather clock slowly TICKING the seconds of happiness away from the scene and moving into serious content. Ultimately at the end of this you say to yourself NOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? I HAVE TO FIND OUT. Overall it has great cliffhangers and people really look forward to what will happen next.


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Even though you had already shared your thoughts with me. I'm thankful for your input here :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Believe me, you won't be disappointed if I ever finish the game :D and you captured everything these first two days are trying to transmit emotionally to the player (you). Props.

To be honest, I was a bit scared at first because I didn't think people will like this kind of game. Even though not the most popular out there, I've received a few good critiques that keep me going :D Thank you again!
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