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Each city has its dark side no matter how much some people tried
to get order, because we humans are uncontrollable.
And there is no different here in this city we call Suteki,
here runs at present a mass murderer around where particularly only
Womens select as his next victims.
He is well-known under the name Gen and he is the leading Role Character
of this game !!!


100% Costum made Characters
95% Costum made Tilesets
100% Costum made Pictures and more
A lot of Costum made Final Fantasy Womens

I formulated this story new however it still concern the same story.
Anyway i know my story does not have that much of a Potential and it wont even have a Battle mode, however i chose this as a challenge to make it enjoyable.

Ps. Im a FF Fan like many others, with other words i will not Disgrace them in my game.
One word more, sorry about my bad english its not my main language

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  • 09/18/2008 11:24 AM
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Your mom is a hero
So....dating people is revenge? Anywho, great work on the custom artwork and sprites! It's refreshing.
No not at all, its kinda hard to explain how this can be mixed.
I know the Story seems to be not that good, but it isnt important how the Story starts it is much more Important how it will develop.
Wow. Absolutely amazing. One of the best games I have seen for a long time. It's so unique (in a good way) and it's kinda like the sims ^^
Anyway, excellent work KAD.
Thank you very much Terabyte, within this week i will upload a Techno Demo of my Game to show a little bit the Gafics i made, it wont show any Story and im not sure how many NPC i will have made befor i will upload it, anyway im sure the City will be kinda empty at that time.
Finally, another Filipino RM-worker! Y'know, I dig your sprites more than the overrated Half-Kaizer and say... the game takes place in Philippines? (Makati University, MOA )
I'm amazed by the different opinions on this game,(blog and review) I guess I'll have to try it out for myself. The custom artwork looks great.
is it done
or only the map that done like the last time i downloaded this game?
My mind is full of fuck.
Subbed anyway even if you're not working on it.
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