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By Ste's Project

Meet Sten and Nolan, two brothers chasing the same dream: Finding Eden Glosbe!

Sten is a level-headed, 23 year old young man, who loves reading and yearns for new adventures, always optimistic and trusting.
His search begins one day like any other.
Probably inspired by their uncle Ennest the explorer and his tales of faraway lands and enchanting seas, Sten resolves to set off on his adventure. Along comes his best companion: his brother Nolan!
Sten has but one goal set for them: finding Eden Glosbe.
He doesn't know what it is exactly, but he read about it in the story of Aaron Zeno Blanco, the only adventurer to ever find it, and he wants to accomplish the same feat.
Perhaps he's doing it so that he can find himself, or is only in it for the thrill of the adventure.
Nolan, Sten's elder brother, doesn't concern himself that much. He's just happy to take part in his brother's adventure, and sets off by his side.
The two of them are in for the greatest travels and most exciting adventures they could imagine!

-Sten and Nolan have different skills, and you'll need to use both brothers to get through obstacles!
-Fight a slew of mysterious, dark creatures in a quick action-based battle system!

- Episode 1 Length: About 30 mins.

Eden Glosbe will be released split into episodes.
I still don't know how many there will be, but right now I'm completely engrossed with this project.
I hope you'll like it as well.

You can monitor the game on my website: http://projectste.altervista.org/ , always updated and with the planned release date of the next episode, as well as my contact info.

My thanks will go to anyone who will Like Ste's Project's Facebook page:

Eden Glosbe - Video Trailer


THANKS, most of all, to ALL players for taking the time to share your opinions on the game here.

-Ares Vaiarelli


-Silent Partner

-modern algebra (messagges, title link)
-Yanfly (diagonal scroll)
-Rafael (fog)
-DaimoniousTails (proximity event)
-Bigace360 (full screen option)

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  • 01/06/2015 04:54 PM
  • 12/29/2017 04:26 AM
  • 01/06/2015
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Tag Team Adventure RPG. Various puzzles involve teamwork since each partner has different abilities (e.g. one only pulls boulders, the other only pushes). Pretty nice design and mapping. Also a big fan of random talk abilities ever since I saw it in pocket mirror. Battles are just timed button sequences, and are very forgiving. I already downloaded all 3 episodes, this is an interesting and unique rpgmaker game.
Sad day. I found another bug during the old man in the forest quest. Neither of the brothers could move from this stretch of forest at the bottom, they were just trapped there. Fortunately, my save worked this time :)
The game broke on me:( I couldn't get the Q button to work (i.e., switch characters). The game might've been 30 minutes otherwise, but I only reached 10 minutes. Even my save file won't help... I'll have to start back from the beginning.
Thank you, I will enjoy every moment (^ω^)
Thank you Snowpink!
Furthermore, the development is going well!
The second episode was released a couple of days ago in Italian and in a few days will be available in full English!
See you soon! ^ ^
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