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To those who value peace and prosperity for their town and city,

On the night of December the Twenty-Sixth, outside of the City Hall of Tombstone, my daughter Lera Ruder was abducted by outlaws or renegades unknown, for reasons of equal mystery. A ransom note has been sent, asking for $4,000 for her return in Safety. I implore, to anyone who will but lend me the time, that she be Rescued with utmost Haste.
For this service of Heroism, I offer the sum of $1,500 for her safe return and rescue, along with my eternal and undying Gratitute.

-Joseph Ruder, Mayor of Tombstone City

The year is 1873. Law-enforcement is non-existant in the small trail town of Tombstone, Texas. Bandits, drunkards, crooked gamblers, and killers walk undeterred. Crimes are committed without regard to consequences, because there ARE no consequences.

Enter Mardsen Dustine. With his handful of allies, he is charged with clearing out the filth from Tombstone. Each month of the year 1873, you'll bring in various bounties and wanted men, cuminating each month with a showdown with a particularly dangerous opponent. As you progress and your fame grows, the rewards you reap will grow as well - but so will your notoriety and the danger it entails. Can you survive a year in the West?

Latest Blog

06-20-2009: Wrench in the motor.

My main computer is now off-limits to me, from a physical standpoint. I can't work on RM on it anymore because part of my memory fried, meaning it no longer has the horsepower to run 2k3.

I could throw 1873 onto my phone's SD, if I hadn't lost my phone cable at college.

So now, I can only work on things already stored on my card - being Speak No Evil, a turn-based CBS project, and an old paper-and-pencil RPG.

I'll set this on the shelf for now.

Who knows, I might complete SNE before I fix my main.

Off-topic, my grandmother's computer is a good 64 times faster than my own. Who knew?
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  • 09/21/2008 02:13 AM
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I like it. A long, western sims kinda game. Good work, Chaos Productions!
I started playing it enough to get to the first battle or two, but it bugged on me. After you try to open the door on the inn, you can no longer use the stairs to the second floor where i need to kill those guys. Looks pretty hard, since no one can die in battle eh? it was about time for a western.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Fixing the stairs bug now.
First thing i noticed when playing this was that there are save files in the zip already :p ... no biggie. Also my men can keep shooting when their ammunition is 0 ... and another thing is that the people use medicines way to much! ... The only way to kill them is when either of the guys get a critical hit
You the practice of self-promotion
Tried the new demo today. I did find in the first day, that my enemies used medicine to heal a lot, but that didn't prevent me from advancing, as others might have found. I guess you took the advice of your critics in the forum and had them "reloading" instead in the second day, which made the fights are LOT easier. Another second day annoyance was that the shootouts with the 3 riflemen didn't give any points nor any other reward. I was never able to use the "roulette" skill during battle because it was never available in the menu! I was able to get through and defeat the boss at the end of the 2nd day.May I suggest that your characters eventually participate in a some shooting games or tournament, which, for example, would award them a better weapon? I hope you can keep up the good work so that you can ... fill up the 365 days of the 1873 calendar, eventually!
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I thank you for the feedback. Rasta, I assume you were using Auto-battle. I advise against this, as it has a load of errors, such as using Innate Skills repeatedly, and not charging your innate counter or reloading at zero ammo automatically like it should. I assume it's bacause auto-battle ignores my battle events, with I can't seem to circumvent.

edchuy, while caught off guard by such a detailed post on my home page, it contains a large amount of useful info. If it's not too much trouble, I'd like some specifics on the difficulties of the first mission. I know most people quit ant the fourth room with the dude in white.

TO THOSE THAT ARE STUCK: KILL THE SMALL FRIES FIRST. More often then not, you'll die quicker by getting ganged up on than from a single powerful foe. I will, however, lower the HP of foes in the first mission/make Medicine less common. (However, I still say that if the player has access to it, so should the enemy.)
You the practice of self-promotion
CP, I have already sent you a message regarding Day 1. Please let me know when you have received it! I am ready to do the same for Day 2 ...
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I have not received such a mail, edchuy. Try sending it by going to my profile first, or by e-mail.

(Probably fixed in RMN3, eh?)
Hoo. Lots of bugs. For example, Mardsen didn't have a rifle firing sprite until after I fought the Man in White; certain characters would unequip everything at random times, sometimes just as a battle starts; the game freezes if you agree to take the bouncer's place as he takes a shit; you can't run from the firing range in the gunsmith; and Autobattle is a gamebreaker, but I guess if you can't fix it, you can't fix it. Just try to do SOMETHING about it. Saying "don't use it" is a last-ditch effort; it's no excuse for a glaringly obvious gamebreaker.

There are numerous problems that aren't glitches as well. The Tailor is the only place that actually has a "work" option; on that note, I can't sell stuff to the tailor (though I can sell equipment to the general store owner); there are a lot of typos such as the Sherrif saying "we canget a possee together;" the old miniboss theme was WAY better; the Gregary LeRoy fight had terrible music; Mardsen's sprite moves a few pixels when he fires a rifle; Lera's pistol firing sprite needs a few more frames; rifles should be nerfed a bit and the pistols should be buffed a bit in contrast; scatterguns should suck less; you should be able to outfit your team in shops; because you spend so much time in one town, there should be more interesting characters; and the boss of the Jan 8th mission (the huy with the sword, Yao... something) needs like twice the HP and some goons since he was such a short fight.

This is by no means a bad game, though. It's very addictive, and with some polishing, it could be amazing. My advice is to polish this up completely and release a third and final demo of January. Test and retest everything- and I mean EVERYTHING- and write down what you need to fix on paper.
I am really looking forward to seeing how this project evolves!

TooManyToasters: You should submit your comment as a review. :)
i am gonna graphics-swap so hard with the chipsets
Hey, I remember this game I was wondering where it went.
Wario's-a number one!
I'm really forward to the release next month Chaos, I'm really happy you decided to pick this up again.
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