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SaGa4: Masters of the Demon World
(also known as Final Fantasy Legend 4 in the US)
(also known as 魔界の覇者 Sa・Ga4 to meganerds)

SaGa4 is an unofficial spiritual successor to the gameboy SaGa RPGs, aka Final Fantasy Legend. It features old-school combat mechanics and visuals faithful to the gaming heyday of 1989. If you're nostalgic for retro games, or just looking for a good, challenging RPG, this game is probably a good fit.

  • Choose a party of humans, mutants, robots, and monsters, each with a unique leveling scheme
  • Employ over 300 combat items and abilities, either learned, found as treasure, or crafted from elemental stones
  • Explore the 20 floors of Babel in addition to the many alternate worlds beyond
  • Fight in finely-tuned battles against difficult opponents -- every encounter could be dangerous, and you'll need every trick to survive
  • Enjoy the best of old school mechanics without the pain points: items have descriptions, encounter rate is sane, randomness is controlled, etc
  • Uncover the fate of Jonas and Janine, the missing warrior twins, and gather the relics of the lost city of Hero to open the path to the world beyond

The project is complete and approximately 10 hours long, (shorter for the knowledgeable and longer for completionists, obviously). Bug reports are welcome. The game is made in Java on the MGNE engine, supporting Linux/Windows/OSX, and source code is available upon request. Graphics are a mix between SaGa rips (for sprites and battle portraits) and custom (all custom tiles!) Music is straight from the source and plays in an embedded Gameboy APU emulator. A bit more is explained in the manual but everything you need to know is in game. Our database tools and monster charts and things like that are also available -- we love talking old school game mechanics so if you have a suggestion, feel free to comment. Enjoy the game!

Game not endorsed by Square Enix in any way. All graphics taken without permission.

Latest Blog

Featuring! Plus a new release version

Hey all, as is probably obvious by now, SaGa4 is the RMN feature game for March 2017. It's an honor so decided to spruce up the CSS a bit and now the gamepage should be looking a little spiffier. I've also taken the opportunity to put together a new release based on some minor tweaks that have piled up over the last year or so plus some bugfixes that have come up in the two weeks or so that we've been on the front page. Full list:

- Buffed the SPEED staff (bigger agi boost)
- Heavily nerfed the HEAL staff (not as heavily influence by mana, it was previously healing about twice what it should've been)
- Increased the price of the DRAGON helm, SAMURAI guantlet, and DRAGON body (the resistances they offer are substantial)
- Buffed the EXIT spell (hits more often)
- Tweaked the HEAL spell (it was previously worse than the more mundane staff)
- Tweaked the BAND helm (it offers a bit less defense but true to its SaGa1 counterpart, it confers O-PARA)
- Buffed the NUKE spell
- Buffed the LASER bow
- Buffed the PETRIFY hammer
- Buffed the GREAT bow
- Buffed the LMG gun
- Buffed the TANK gun
- Buffed the armored beetle class of monsters (better physical tanking)
- O-ALL no longer includes phys damage resist (it was previously the only available source to players and made mutants that stumbled on it invincible)
- Corrected the description of O-PARA (it doesn't actually confer O-STONE)

- New defeat animations for all bosses
- Fancier (?) title screen

- It's now possible to retrieve the elemental stones hidden in world 1 when revisiting it after world 3

- Attempt to fix a save corruption issue caused by removing 5th party members
- Interiors in Ermengarde no longer crash

This new version is hotswapped out from 1.04 and available from the big button at the top. Thanks for tuning in!
  • Completed
  • psy_wombats
  • bob_esc
  • mrtacopants
  • Custom
  • RPG
  • 01/11/2015 04:02 AM
  • 05/23/2019 02:30 AM
  • 03/21/2016
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I never encountered that bug and I beat the game, so it's probably not a prevalent as you might be concerned for.
Thank you for giving positive attention to a very underrated RPG series by making this game.
This is THE fan game we SaGa lover needed. I really appreciate all your hard work and efforts to bring us this.
I would really love to see a Romancing SaGa serie fan game, including the Minstrel Song enhancements.

I loved this game instantly, and so i made a little mod for whoever wanted to use it. Its just a title screen with the SaGa 4 logo.
But i will only upload it if the developer approve it.

EDIT: And the developer approves!!!!
Here is the little mod:
And here how to install it:
go to ''saga 4 masters of the demon world'' directorie, open the ''res'' subfolder, and then the ''ui'' subfolder. There, change the name of the image named ''bad_title'' to something else. Then download the image from the link and copy it into the ''ui''subfolder. DONE!!!
(for this to work correctely, you must extract the game data from the zip stored in RPGMaker.net. That also apply for the in-game save function to properly work)
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