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Featuring! Plus a new release version

Hey all, as is probably obvious by now, SaGa4 is the RMN feature game for March 2017. It's an honor so decided to spruce up the CSS a bit and now the gamepage should be looking a little spiffier. I've also taken the opportunity to put together a new release based on some minor tweaks that have piled up over the last year or so plus some bugfixes that have come up in the two weeks or so that we've been on the front page. Full list:

- Buffed the SPEED staff (bigger agi boost)
- Heavily nerfed the HEAL staff (not as heavily influence by mana, it was previously healing about twice what it should've been)
- Increased the price of the DRAGON helm, SAMURAI guantlet, and DRAGON body (the resistances they offer are substantial)
- Buffed the EXIT spell (hits more often)
- Tweaked the HEAL spell (it was previously worse than the more mundane staff)
- Tweaked the BAND helm (it offers a bit less defense but true to its SaGa1 counterpart, it confers O-PARA)
- Buffed the NUKE spell
- Buffed the LASER bow
- Buffed the PETRIFY hammer
- Buffed the GREAT bow
- Buffed the LMG gun
- Buffed the TANK gun
- Buffed the armored beetle class of monsters (better physical tanking)
- O-ALL no longer includes phys damage resist (it was previously the only available source to players and made mutants that stumbled on it invincible)
- Corrected the description of O-PARA (it doesn't actually confer O-STONE)

- New defeat animations for all bosses
- Fancier (?) title screen

- It's now possible to retrieve the elemental stones hidden in world 1 when revisiting it after world 3

- Attempt to fix a save corruption issue caused by removing 5th party members
- Interiors in Ermengarde no longer crash

This new version is hotswapped out from 1.04 and available from the big button at the top. Thanks for tuning in!


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Whoah. Congratulations on being featured. I still haven't played in enough to write a review, but it's a hell of a nostalgia trip, and a lot of fun.
Just started playing this now, and am about an hour in. I'd been waiting forever for a throwback to the GB SaGa games, and it was here all along. Incredible work!!! I'm completely sucked in. Streaming my playtime at https://www.twitch.tv/0xdeb0. Will write up a review when I'm done!
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