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Forest Town
  • psy_wombats
  • Added: 01/11/2015 04:04 AM
  • Last updated: 06/26/2022 02:13 AM


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GORP looked down at his hands.

"But... I'm a monster", he said, realizing for the first time that his entire life was a lie. "WHAT AM I DOING IN THIS TOWN?"

Why are the sprites a different colour than the tiles? There should be 4 shades! My eyes are pained at the sight of the extras.
Game Boy Color can do this to sprites. IT separates sprites in layers, like background, character, menu and effect layers (not exactly) then applies a separate palette to each to visually emulate GBC games. (kinda. I explained horribly.)
Yeah, GBC can. But is this a GBC game? If so, there should be a lot more colours. I love GB* style games, so I don't mind either, but it should be firmly in one camp or the other.
We're emulating a GB game played on a GBC. The sprites and tiles are rendered separately with a different palette for each. The tiles have four colors (blackish, gray-blue, gray-green, white) and the sprites have three colors (blackish, brown, white, and ~transparency~). It's actually pretty faithful to how the original hardware works, and there's a shader in place to make sure that no more than those colors are rendered at a time.
^ that's what I meant.
The GBC does that to GB games, to kind of "emulate" the look of GBC games.
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