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Because all good gameboy carts come with a manual!


Generations ago, the gates of the town of Hero opened to reveal a new world
beyond. Learned scholars and foreign traders emerged from the gate, bearing new
sciences and magical artifacts.

A year later, the world behind the gates
changed. Hoards of monsters poured out of the gate and ransacked villages across
the countryside. The wisemen from the gate were seen no more. In desperation,
sages sealed the gates of Hero and left the town abandoned.

The legend of the Gates of Hero were not forgotten. Dreaming of the world beyond
the gates, many have sought the secret town of Hero, but none have returned.
Now, another tale of adventure is about to begin...


Recruit four party members to face the world beyond Hero.

Humans carry 8 items and excel at single target weapon damage. They grow by
drinking special potions. Humans cannot use magic.

Mutants carry 4 items and excel at group target magic. They naturally mutate
after battle, gaining stats and abilities.

Monsters carry no items but are very versatile. They transform by eating other
monsters. Eating the meat of much stronger monsters often results in a better

Robots carry 8 items. Robots only receive half the item uses as other races but
recharge their uses when they heal. Robots do not grow naturally, but they gain
stats according to their equipped items.

New players are advised to pick a mix of races. Enemies in SaGa are quite
threatening and the party's objective should be to kill as many as possible
before they can act. If one character is assigned to attack an enemy that is
already dead, they will not automatically pick a new target. Therefore, assign
targets wisely to finish the battle in one combat round.


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RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
This would look great with some pretty pictures in pdf format :P

Edit: I know it's too late now since the first world is already done, but didn't you made a new "race" to play with?
We thought about doing that. But when you look at how Cyborgs ended up in the original three games the race field is pretty crowded, and ultimately we scrapped the idea of a new race.
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