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Abstract: A call resounds around our world for those with a certain rare talent... Now you have a chance to find out if you have the talent to meet the call.

Genre: You could call it experimental in multiple senses of the word.

Average Game Time: 1-5 minutes per round depending on options chosen

Story / Setting / Purpose:
The setting is our world today. The player plays as himself or herself in our world. They play themselves playing this game for this game is real in some sense of the word. Perhaps a virtual pseudo-reality. The true purpose of the game is revealed to anyone who beats the game.

How to play?
Statistically, you will get an average of 4.8 correct guesses per round, so this is a very difficult game. You have infinite tries. The chances of winning are extremely small. This game requires the use of a mouse. Use the mouse to click the onscreen buttons to guess the card. The rules of the game are simple. There are five Zener cards. You must select the one that coincides with the correct answer twenty four times consecutively to win.

Volke Locke
Falcao (for use of his Mouse Interface System)
The Orpheus Institute for Paranormal Research

-A Mouse Interface System
-A mystery... by an archaic definition.
-Multiple endings

Latest Blog

The X-Files: Endgame Possibilities

Endgame Possibilities:

"An endgame the same as any other"

The following message is for you and you

You know my name is \CShift], but you don't
yet know who I am or why I am.

I grew up in a laboratory known as Unit 731 which was part of the Asylum.
Where I come from, the Asylum refers to a complex system of secret hospitals and laboratories that focused on human experimentation. The Asylum primarily worked with children and young adults that were homeless or orphaned. A three stage program developed that started with the testing to gain a full grasp of
the child's capability and normally ended with an autopsy.

After fifteen years at Unit 731, which was located under Saint Anne's Hospital,I was placed in a newly developed device called the Mental Stimulis and Status Chamber or MSASC for short. That device altered my brain's normal functions and helped make me who, or what, I am today.

It may be that I am a wanderer, not belonging to either, but drifting through both… simultaneously.

And what about you?

Your soul has been distressed. It fears in losing itself to something it can't know. I too have know what it is liked to be controlled, be consumed.
  • Completed
  • volke_locke
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Simulation
  • 01/14/2015 08:56 PM
  • 05/29/2020 01:53 PM
  • 11/09/2013
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