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Short little shtick.

Let me begin saying that this game is incredibly short. I will also summarize best I can to not give away any spoilers.

Let me begin with the story:
The story is, you're some random guy, got some random apartment for cheap, now suddenly experiencing weird stuff on a "certain" night. Voila! time for Satanists!
You begin to realize the "cult" as you search around your apartment trying to figure things out and thus leads to the game premise. Nothing spectacular but it is there.

Alongside the story, the writing/dialogue is nothing bad.
I won't say it's "awesome" either. It's more or less "sub-par" but that's if you compare it with other works. On it's own it works and blends together. Granted the few grammar mistakes and slightly different wording, everything in there is readable and doesn't give too much of a "what the fuck?"

Game mechanics:
The game is your average, go here, check that, unlock this. That's it. With a little surprise battle but that's if you figure the story out. Within the mechanics there are various ways to kill yourself if you're not careful. Trial and error do play into this but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it. Nothing special.

Final thoughts:
With "multiple" endings and a secret ending that makes you go "huh?" it's not a bad game. It's just short and jumbled into a slight mess that makes sense once you finally get down to it.
The game is worth it's salt on it's own but compared to other titles, it's very very generic.
I'd give it a whirl, it really is worth a shot and It's a nice game to pass time by. Oh yeah that surprise fight? There is also a surprise within that as well. You'll see if you play it. I'm not going to spoil anything. Work for it! =D